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May 18th, 2011

Still Remains reunion: we talk to guitarist Jordan Whelan about the band’s and his future

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After reuniting to perform at Haste The Day’s final show in Indianapolis on 11 March 2011, blasts from Roadrunner Records’ past, Still Remains announced last week that the reformation is for good now. We thought it would be a good idea to talk to guitarist Jordan Whelan about what the Michigan metalcore sextet have got in store for us. We did that and he told us. Pretty simple, right?

We’ve seen the band’s statement regarding the reunion, but how bad was it by the end?

I really wouldn’t say it was bad at all. The four years we spent touring full time were some of the best days of my life. I think we just got burnt out on it. So by taking a break we all feel 100 per cent rejuvenated.

Was there any one thing which made you all decide to play that Haste The Day show?

Haste The Day took Still Remains on our very first tour. They have been our brother band since day one, so when I received the phone call about playing it was a no brainer! And when I called everyone about it they all had the same feeling as I did.

If the band starts doing really well again, would you all be willing or able to commit yourselves fully again?

It’s hard to answer that one. At this point we are not planning on touring full time at all but doing a UK-Euro tour once a year or hitting up Japan-Australia or our good markets in the States will happen for special occasions.

What’s the plans with Anthem Alone. I see you’ve just found a vocalist! Who is it and how are you going to prioritise your projects?

Anthem Alone will take on the world full time very soon! Yes, we have just confirmed a vocalist in the band! I am very excited about it. He has recorded five songs for us and he is blowing me away! His name is Zach Burg and we actually just released a new track with him singing on our Facebook so everyone look us up and check it out!!!

It’s the original lineup. Was that important in getting back together?

Yes, the line up is the same as the Of Love and Lunacy record and it just sorted of happened. Some of the ex-members live across the country and logically didn’t work out for them to be apart of the reunion.

Obviously (!) you want to but do you have any rough plans to come back to the UK?

You are correct, sir! We most definitely plan on coming back at some point but as of right now it is just all talks and nothing is set in stone yet. I tell you what though, as soon as we do I will hit you up!

How about recording new material?

We had our first writing session this past Friday actually and so far all I can say is “Thrash!!” I am so stoked!! We plan to have new music out within the next three to four months.

More news from Still Remains as we get it. We’re looking forward to hearing new music and seeing how big their bellies have gotten. In the meantime, go check Still Remains out on Facebook.


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