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May 1st, 2011

Top 6: Devin Townsend on Hot Sauces

Devin Townsend 2009 promo photo Thrash Hits

Ahead of the simultaneous release of the final two records in The Devin Townsend Project, we went and had a good old chat with him. You can read more about his rig and the new records in the coming weeks but first you can read all about one of the things he loves most in life and why. It’s hot sauce, baby.

A few years ago Devin Townsend gave up booze and drugs. He went completely cold turkey. Here is Hevy Devy’s rationalisation of his life for hot sauces:

“I realised that because my life has changed and I can’t rationalise the anger and the gratification that being angry about things used to bring I think that having hot sauce gives me a similar feeling to being furious. I get the same endorphin rush without actually having to make a mess of things.”

Devin Townsend’s Top 6 Hot Sauces

6. Cholula – the chipotle one. I just tried that one yesterday and to be honest, anything chipotle works for me.

cholula hot sauce advert devin townsend hevy devy thrash hits

5. Frank’s. You just put that on cereal. It’s just standard.

4. There’s one called Colonel Fart Pounder’s Colon Cleanser. That is like a mustard-based scotch bonnet one. That one is gorgeous. You know what? I got a really high tolerance for hot sauce and it was hot but I finished the bottle in a week.

3. I tried a Buffalo Chipotle. It’s not hot but it’s just a chipotle flavour. I just add that to beans or anything. I just love the taste of smoked peppers.

2. This is one that’s taken me several months and I’ve still not finished it. It’s called Dave’s Insanity. It’s a paste. It’s not a sauce. I didn’t realise this the first time and it’s pure capsicum. This one, when I took that first bite, I literally couldn’t speak for five minutes.

1. Blair’s Sudden Death. It comes with a little skeleton keychain and they go all the way to a million Scovil units with that stuff and it’s just like, Dude, it’s just an ulcer.

The Devin Townsend Project release Deconstruction and Ghost simultaneously on 20 June 2011 via InsideOut Music and plays Bloodstock Open Air for the second year running.


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