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May 18th, 2011

Will Haven to release new album, Voir Dire in autumn 2011

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As we told you, Sacramento’s “other band”, Will Haven are to return this autumn with a NEW ALBUM. Their fifth record will be called Voir Dire and will be released on Bieler Bros. Records worldwide on 11 October 2011. We wrote “NEW ALBUM” in capital letters because we’re FUCKING EXCITED.

We already knew about songs called ‘When The Walls Close In’, ‘Urban Agoge’, ‘Object Of My Affection’ and ‘Harvesting Our Burdens’ but now they’ve recorded a video for ‘Held To Answer’ – which I’m sure we’ll have very soon.

Insanely, the band is also already about to start writing their sixth album because bassist, Chris Fehn is about to pop off around Europe with his other band. They’re called Slipknot.

Just in case you don’t know who Will Haven are and are thinking “Slipknot bassist, WUT?!”, familiarise yourself with the photo above and make your life a bit more awesome. Here’s the current lineup, in order of who’s who in said photo:

Mitch Wheeler (drums)
Anthony Paganelli (guitars)
Grady Avenell (vocals)
Jeff Irwin (guitars)
Chris Fehn (bass, Slipknot).

The first time I saw Will Haven was at London Astoria in 1997. They and Far were supporting Deftones. It was quite a good gig. While in the moshpit, I got punched in the face with someone’s shoe. Yeah, punched not kicked – the shoe was on his hand.

While you’re waiting for either that video to turn up or for some bastard to leak the album, you should go show your support for Will Haven on Facebook and Twitter and then catch up on their goings on by reading back over their blog. They’re one of the finest metal bands of the last 20 years.



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