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June 1st, 2011

Album: Heart In Hand – Only Memories

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Heart In Hand
Only Memories

Siege Of Amida
25 May 2011

by Andy Parker 

Released back in May, this debut album for Heart In Hand details the progressive nature of what’s been evolving within the South coast hardcore scene over the last few years. Produced by Andy Hayball (who’s engineered previous releases by Bring Me The Horizon) this progressive hardcore from recent SGR signing Heart In Hand in the vein of Polar, The Comanche Cipher and Devil Sold His Soul.

Only Memories is blistering hot. Emotive, driven, groovy it really does spin a fantastic yarn, it rarely lets go, with even the more atmospheric tracks like ‘This One Time In Denver’, or opener ‘Photographs’, tugging powerfully at the chest. The closing duo of ‘Indelible Mistakes’ and the title track ‘Only Memories’ are so infectious I am almost certain that I’ve contracted typhoid fever from one too many repeat listens.

The most surprising thing for me was how much of an influence the original emo scene seems to now bearing on progressive/melodic hardcore. There are throwbacks on Only Memories to early Thursday throughout, acting as constant reminders as to how refreshing and inspiring Full Collapse was. Whether the band intends it or not, this presents great opportunity for newcomers and those with a curious ear to go delve back a decade and discover (or re-discover) the roots of the genre’s key influences.

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With a big perfornance coming up at this years Hevy Festival, followed by a tour with Eyes Of A Traitor and Martyr Defiled, Heart In Hand have it within their grasp to turn 2011 into the year that makes them. I sincerely hope that this is only the beginning for them.


Sounds Like: Devil Sold His Soul, Rinoa, Polar, Brotherhood of the Lake
Top Tracks: Indelible Mistakes, Ghosts

Heart In Hand – Only Memories tracklisting:
Broken Promise
I’m Coming Home
This One Time In Denver…
Indelible Mistakes
Only Memories



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