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June 8th, 2011

Album: Origin – Entity

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Nuclear Blast
10 June 2011

by Tom Dare

This year is rapidly turning into gold one for death metal, with everything from the more straight-up end of the spectrum to crazy proggery and experimental barbarism being represented by something at the very least good and in several cases superb. What has been missing has been a slab of the most brutal and technical style that sits up there with the best. Origin have done just that.

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Entity opens with the kind of fearsome devastation that drags you out of your seat, throws you on the floor and kicks you repeatedly in the face and gut until you acknowledge how fucking waste-laying and stunning it is. The intricately technical opening of ‘Expulsion Of Fury‘ leaves no time for standing around stroking your chin in admiration of how skilled the shredding is- it’s broken your fingers and smashed your jawbone to pieces before you’ve had a chance. And this opening detonation contains the key to why this is such a stupendous display of wounding.

For all its fabulously accomplished fret-dancing, Entity is both instantaneous and visceral. Technicality can produce death metal that is a touch sterile and devoid of memorable riffs when slightly wide of the mark, but this is as filthy and engaging as you could hope for and the individual moments so memorable so often that the complexity doesn’t baffle your brain- it seduces it. And then hacks it into chunky kibbles, obviously.

It’s this array of genuinely stunning musical ideas that allow Origin to sustain the horrific level of brutality for the full running time without proceedings beginning to blur together and lose the edge. Entity is as horrible and disturbing at the end as it is at the start – even the brief little quiet interlude of ‘The Descent‘ feels portentous and claustrophobic rather than respite. When the accelerator is depressed once more and the furious pugilism of the drums return with roaring vehemence, you find yourself gasping for more, and more they provide. In a run of time where finding a record of shocking violence meted out with consummate skill has not been too difficult, Entitystill stands out like a screaming, blood-drenched bloke wielding a chainsaw would in a silent monastic order.

Good luck trying to play stuff like this at home:

This isn’t the kind of record that makes you want to pound the walls and shout incoherently- it’s one that makes you do it. Hide the fragile objects, warn the neighbours and shut your pets away where they won’t hear you before you listen. And be prepared to spend the first listen just shouting “fuck” at the stereo.


Sounds like: Cryptopsy, Gorguts, Aborted
Top tracks: Expulsion Of Fury, Conceiving Death, Fornever

Origin – Entity tracklisting:
Expulsion Of Fury
Conceiving Death
The Descent
Banishing Illusion
Consequence Of Solution
Evolution Of Extinction



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