Thrash Hits

June 1st, 2011

Bad Band Photos 001: Diabaka

Occasionally we stumble upon a band with a promo photo that is just so unintentionally hilarious that we have no option but to share it with as much of the world that cares to click on this website. The first in this undoubtedly long, long series is…

From: Space
Actually from: Williamstown, Massachusetts
Age: 34 (combined)
Cringe factor: 5/6

diabaka death metal from outer space band promo photo 2011 thrash hits

Ever wanted to know what ‘Death Metal From Space’ sounded like? Yeah, us too! Good job we discovered a progressive death metal band called Diabaka who hail from the outer realms and maybe even a different time. Who knows? These guys are the real deal, they even glow green FFS. Like the hulk!

Once you get over the shit band name, their broken myspace page and the fact that they don’t seem to play any gigs, they’re actually alright! LOLZ.

Our favourite is Rufus. His skeleton glove is just too cool for school. Literally. The teachers made him take it off in class.



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