Thrash Hits

June 9th, 2011

Bad Band Photos 002: Enbound

No sooner do we discover one promo photo so accidentally amusing we feel obliged to bring it to your attention than another comes along immediately. It’s just like London buses. Only London buses don’t look this silly. Or come with an equally preposterous video…

Fort Knox
Actually from: Borås, Sweden
Age: 24(-carat)
Cringe factor: 5.5/6

Enbound promo photo Thrash Hits

Anyone who’s listened to… well… any power metal ever, really, expects some fairly dodgy promo shots.  But these guys have taken things to a whole new level of LOL. Seriously lads, we know your new album’s called And She Says Gold, but that doesn’t mean you have to do yourselves up like the most famously killed Bond girl ever. This is quite literally too much metal. You’d also reckon that if you’re going to be photographed with your top off you would go down the gym in the run up.

You have to ask yourself as well why have three of them apparently washed their hair with Head & Golders and the chap at the back left his brown? We suspect he was the one person saying, “Y’know, I’m not so sure about this ideas, fellas…”. Either that or he turned up late to the shoot and it was all used up.

In truth, they’re are actually rather good. The album’s a little cracker, particularly if you’re a Kamelot fan who thought Poetry For The Poisoned was a bit gash. (Because it was.) You just wonder what in the name of all that is sacred they were thinking when they painted themselves like a The Only Way Is Essex piss-take and posed for those shots. And if that wasn’t enough, they made a fucking video done up like that. The tune’s great. The video… well… judge for yourself.

Watch the ultra-metal video to ‘Combined The Souls’ here:



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