Thrash Hits

June 21st, 2011

Bad Band Photos 003: Hevinkelium

This feature really does appear to be the gift that just keeps giving. Is there no end to what bands will do in a photo? Apparently not. For our third installment, we head over to Finland for possibly the weirdest garden party ever.

From: Finland
Actually from: Another world; somewhere back in time; Hounslow High Street.
Age: 62 (average)
Cringe factor: FULL MARKS 6/6

Hevinkelium bad band promo photo finland thrash hits

Wow. Just… wow. Where do you start with this one? This looks like Fathers 4 Justice gone horribly wrong. And if we’re going to be honest, no one in their right mind would leave their kids in the hands of these reprobates.

The chap on the right, who looks like he bought a budget Thor outfit from the local joke shop, didn’t even manage to look straight ahead for the picture. Perhaps he was distracted by the fact that his mate ‘Rainbow Priest Johnny’ on the far left was about to get his knob out. Again. Who knows?!

Throw in a caveman giving the thumbs up, a perverted vicar waving and some weirdo dressed up in one of the Queen’s gowns and you really do have the perfect photo shoot. All in someone’s back garden. Nice.


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