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June 8th, 2011

Download Festival 2011 preview: Linkin Park

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It’s fitting that the biggest of the three headliners is closing Download Festival 2011. Sunday night hosts Linkin Park and hopefully won’t be as darned wet as it was last year. The number of people we saw aquaplaning across Donington Park was as humorous as it was distressing. Anyway. Watch some videos. Read stuff. You know.

1) This is where it all started. ‘One Step Closer’ is a bona fide classic. You know Donington will explode when they start to play it. Plus, you know you’ll do that silly nu metal dance that Chester does when they play it. You know you will.

2) Linkin Park are the biggest selling band of the 21st century. Yep. 50 million albums sold. BIG.

3) This video for ‘Numb’ has been viewed almost 35 million times. No big deal.

4) As well as the silly nu metal dancing, Chester Bennington also likes to do a bit of acting on the side. He got mutilated in Saw: The Final Chapter. Some people were even pleased to see this happen, the big meanies.

5) This video for ‘New Divide’ has been viewed almost 88,000,000 times. EIGHTY EIGHT MILLION. Fuck. It was in Transformers.

6) Not to be left out on extra-curricular activities, LP turntablist, Joe Hahn made a cool fashion brand in LA called SURU. Thrash Hits editor Raz is equally cool and has a tshirt.


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