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June 7th, 2011

Download Festival 2011 preview: System of a Down

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Headlining the Main Stage at Download Festival 2011 on Saturday night is System of a Down. Probably the most overtly metal band of the three headliners, they announced their reunion late in 2010 and it’s going to be mental. As in proper chicken oriental. Now watch some videos and read some things you probably already knew…

1) Releasing a song about “self-righteous suicide” was pretty bad timing in autumn 2001. ‘Chop Suey’ still got a Grammy nomination plus everyone knows this song. Right? Exactly. Fucking brilliant song.

2) In 2003, following the release of Steal This Album!, SOAD were main support to Metallica at Reading Festival. At the time, Reading was by far the biggest rock festival in the UK and System, being the second to last to play the the Main Stage that weekend, totally owned it. Have no doubts about how good this is going to be.

3) Some music TV channels only played ‘Sugar’ after 10pm because it’s so edgy and controversial. Rock ‘n’ roll ain’t dead, kids.

4) System drummer, John Dolmayan is a total comic book nerd. He collects them, owns a comic book re-seller (like a fucking warehouse full of them) and he also plays Warcraft. Our sources say that, “He’s too much of a pussy to play it online so he just plays the old one-player offline ones. He’s pretty gay for Spiderman, too.” Just gotta wonder if he’s Horde or Alliance. Right? No? Ok.

5) Amon Amarth covered ‘Aerials’ on Surtur Rising. Meh.

6) Both Scars on Broadway and Serj Tankian’s solo album were both crap. It’s better this way. They always said it was only ever going to be a hiatus and they were true to their word. They went away and tried to do other things and luckily/hopefully they’ve realised that System of a Down is the righteous path. Enjoy!

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