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June 8th, 2011

Download Festival 2011 preview: the METAL picks

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Obviously, we previewed the three headliners – they’re the ones that sell the tickets, after all – but there are some awesome bands on the undercard as well. There’s always moaning that there’s no metal at Download Festival. These people obviously haven’t or are unable to read the line-up. That means that they probably won’t read about these 12 metal bands either but here’s some metal anyway. Stick it up your arse!

Weather prediction? Wet with a touch of fucking wasted.

KellermenschRed Bull Stage, 13.00-13.25
Nick Cave & The Bad seeds if they were metal, Danish, and wore sharper suits.

Betraeus [article]Pepsi Max Stage, 13.45-14.15
Gruffly tech-ish riffery mixed with passages of spun-out acoustic ambience.

Oaf [article]Red Bull Stage, 18.00-18.30
Punk rock two-piece led by metal scribe extraordinaire, Dom Lawson. Fancy.

Times Of Grace [article]Second Stage, 19.55-20.35
Adam Dutkiewicz and Jesse Leach from Killswitch Engage, circa 2002.

Weather prediction? Still wet with a soupcon of headache tablets.

Chthonic [article]Second Stage, 11.45-12.10
Taiwanese black metal with ludicrous amounts of gorgeous melody and dramatic visuals that could kick the drunken arse of everyone smart enough to show up for it.

Dripback [article]Red Bull Stage, 11.45-12.10
Super-heavy grind metal and hardcore combo. Former members of Labrat, Ted Maul, River Freshney, and Pure Negative. NICE!

GhostPepsi Max Stage, 14.00-14.25
They make the worship of Satan and the practice of evil as a religion sound like the most wonderful thing you can come up with. No other band could make a lovely chorus of “this chapel of ritual smells of dead human sacrifices”. Delightful.

letlive. [article]Pepsi Max Stage, 15.35-16.05
If you want to see a man do somersaults to a musical backdrop of RATM-meets-At The Drive-In then this is where you need to be. GREAT BAND!

Weather prediction? Just counting down the soggy, hungover hours to hometime.

Belligerence [article]Red Bull Stage, 11.45-12.10
Riff-driven, hard-boiled Brit-sludge. Dunno what else to say really!

HellPepsi Max Stage, 13.15-13.40
The best NWOBHM band never to release an album have finally, nearly 30 years after they split up, got a full-length out with the help of Andy Sneap on guitars, and it’s a stone-cold classic. This should rule.

GWAR [article]Second Stage, 15.20-15.50
A band guaranteed to leave you covered in rock n roll mucus and begging for more. As Bill Hicks once said ‘it doesn’t count unless someone ends up gooey’.

Baptised in BloodRed Bull Stage, 18.45-19.15
Raging melodic metal to get sweaty and drink beer to. If you like the city of Gothenburg you will probz like this. MOSH.

Tell us and everyone else which ones you think we missed out and then make sure you go see them! Also, don’t get too wet and if you’re at home, you can check out photos, reviews and interviews LIVE on Thrash Hits over the weekend of Download Festival 2011. Yeah. We’re fucking on it. PRAY FOR SUN!


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