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June 1st, 2011

Future Hits 082: DripBack

Dripback band promo photo 2011 adam sagir thrash hits

From: London, UK
Lazy Equation: (grind + death metal + hardcore) – deathcore
URL: // Reverb Nation

Thrash Hits Verdict:
We caught the London quintet supporting Soilent Green in London a couple of weeks ago and were mightily impressed by their super-heavy metal. They pummelled seven shades of shit out of the crowd after all! Once we discovered DripBack contains ex and current members of Labrat, Ted Maul, River Freshney, and Pure Negative we had to have a chat with bassist, Adam Da Rat!

Describe your sound in 3 words
Nasty Hardcore Death

How did you meet? [click that at your peril – Ed]. I saw Luca’s picture and instantly fell in love. That was 17 years ago now. Actually I met Luca (guitar) and Heggie (drums) in a rehearsal room in north west London when we were all 14. They were in a black metal band called Entire, I was in a band called Dark Passage (really – Dan “Loord” Foord was the drummer – true story). Every memory I have of Lee (guitar) and Wes (vocals) is hazy and I couldn’t tell you exactly when or how we met, but that was also a few years ago now.

What made you want to start a band?
I wanted to be a rockstar, After seven years of playing grindcore I realised this was a hopeless dream and stopped for six years. Now I do it because I love playing music and hanging out with good friends.

Where did the name come from?
We merged the words “Drip” and “Back” together and made it one word.

What are your musical influences?
Lots of mid ’90s death metal and hardcore – Entombed, Biohazard, Cro-Mags, Slayer, Deicide. That was a good time for music.

So far, what has been the best thing about being in a band?
Generally speaking, the ability to act like a complete child and not get pulled up on it, because juvenile behaviour is expected and encouraged if you’re in a touring band. The best thing about being in Dripback is hanging out with my bros, and visiting towns I’ve not been to for years and seeing old friends. Oh, and riders. Riders are brilliant, because every now and then a promoter actually reads it and gives you what you asked for, be it low fat Greek yogurt, Smirnoff or Kinder Surprise.

We’ve seen your band’s sticker on the wall in Crobar. What’s your tipple?
That was quick! We only made them two weeks ago. Do I have to choose one? There’s so many delicious varieties on offer at the Cro it seems a shame to choose one, on a good night I’ll try and get at least five or six different drinks in – cold lager is top, and I have to admit to liking the pear Kopparberg, I love my scotch and lately have been drinking a lot of Southern Comfort for health reasons.

dripback crobar band sticker 2011 hardcore metal london adam sagir

With which band would your dream tour be?
I’m gonna say Lostprophets. They’re enormous now, so we wouldn’t have to worry about no one turning up to shows, and they’re good friends so I think we’d get treated alright, plus it would be an opportunity upset a lot of people on an unprecedented level. It’s the kind of tour that for some bands would open a lot of doors, but in our case would most likely result in many doors swiftly slammed in our faces. Plus the thought of bringing our unholy racket to a venue like Wembley Arena gets me very excited – my folks would be very proud if we played there!

What bands do you consider as part of your scene or as your peers?
Iā€™m not too sure where we fit in in the current scene. Touring with Soilent Green was pretty perfect, but I like to think we could play at a hardcore show, a thrash show, a punk show or a death metal show and go down equally well at any of them.

What’s the favourite show that you’ve played?
The funniest was probably Sheffield with Soilent Green. There were literally no females in the audience, so I celebrated the sausage fest that was our first show in Yorkshire by letting my hair down and attempting some old school windmilling. Unfortunately I underestimated the level of concentration that windmilling requires and forgot the next bit of the song. I nailed the windmill though, which is the important thing.

You’re playing Download. Who’s your favourite band on the bill?
Shit, we are, how amazing is that? There are a lot of great bands on the bill – Twisted Sister are always amazing, Down are pure class, Kvelertak, Biohazard – but if I had to pick one to watch I guess Biohazard.

What other band should everyone find out about?
Ancient VVisdom. I’ve had a sneak listen to their forthcoming debut CD and I love it. Its like some kind of acoustic satanic doom and I’m hooked right now.

Tell us a joke.
Why does the underwear hate the washing machine?
Cos it took the piss out of the pants.

DripBack are releasing their debut EP, ‘Inhaling The Ashes’ on 06 June 2011 via Siege Of Amida and will be playing at Download Festival (11 June 2011) and at Bloodstock Open Air Festival (12 August) this summer. Exciting! In the meantime, go and check them out on Facebook. Listen to some music and then either click like or close the tab. Whatever.



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