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June 7th, 2011

Lavotchkin, Crocus + run,WALK! head out Thrash Hits-sponsored UK tour

Remember when you woke up this morning and wondered, “What am I going to do this month?” We have the answer. You’re going to see Lavotchkin, Crocus and run,WALK! crush a venue somewhere near you. If you live in Sheffield, you’re going to see these three great British hardcore bands TONIGHT. Yeah, that’s right.

Lavotchkin/Crocus/run,WALK! June 2011 tourdates
07 Sheffield The Earl
08 Edinburgh The Banshee Labyrinth
09 Newcastle The Northumberland Arms
10 Leeds The Well
11 Kingston The Cricketers
12 Southampton Crushtival @ The Hobbit
13 Brighton The Hydrant
14 London The Old Blue Last
15 Birmingham The Flapper

We sat down with Matt and Tom from run,WALK! and Ben from Lavotchkin and asked them some stupid tour-related questions…

I’ll sleep when I’m…
RW: Tired.
L: Six inches deep in Zac Crocus.

Which town are you not playing that you wish you were and why?
RW: Cardiff – they seem to know what the fuck is up over there!
L: No particular place but I’m just sad where not playing any house shows. i enjoy a booze.

All three bands sound distinctly different but what do you think unites you all?
RW: We’re all poor, we all love touring and we all love each other’s bands.
L: Not giving a fuck.

Why are you so angry?
L: Who said I was angry? I’m a constantly cheery bloke doing my own thing.

What item do you *have* to take on tour with you and why?
RW: Plasters, lots of plasters. Because we tend to just fall apart on tour.
L: My iPod is a must. We are a very eclectic group and all listen to a whole range of music. Personally I use mine to mute out the unexplainable monotonous tones of our bassist. His ability to hold a decent conversation is limited at best, let alone when he’s been drinking. Sometimes I ponder his very existence, pretty sure he is my Tyler Durden.

Other than you three, what other band should everyone know about?
RW: Battle For Paris, our best buds. Their album is coming out soon and it’s going to blow everything else out of the water.
L: End Reign. They are a great young hardcore band from Durham. You should check them out.

lavotchkin crocus run walk tour poster june 2011 thrash hits wic agency

Lavotchkin, Crocus and run,WALK!. Three great bands driving around the UK playing gigs together. We are happy about this. If you’re not happy about it, you’re a fool.



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