Thrash Hits

June 1st, 2011

Live: Converge + Trap Them @ New York Santos Party House – 25 May 2011

We landed ourselves in New York last week and a quick scan of the gig listings saw that Converge were playing at Andrew W.K.’s club, Santos Party House with Trap Them in support. Now then. We love Converge and Trap Them’s new album, Darker Handcraft is one of the best of 2011 so far. Hanging out in Andrew W.K.’s is a no brainer. We got in. We partied hard.

Six things we discovered when we saw Converge & Trap Them in NYC

1) It might turn out that the highly memorable refrain of “I am that goddamned son of a bitch” in ‘The Facts’ will be the one that sticks in the minds of most in 2011, but the stunning, slowed-down riffs of ‘Evictionaries’ will be a very close second. These are the songs that cause the most fuss during Trap Them‘s set tonight and rightly so.

2) Brian Izzi’s guitar tone is so good that Darker Handcraft sounds even better live than on record. And that really is saying something. The fact that one man makes such an insanely loud din is pretty impressive as well. What did you say?

3) Merch might be almost twice the price in the UK than in the US but the bands certainly appreciate it. It’s one of the things that helps them pay for their flights over to Europe. They love playing and we love seeing them play so when Trap Them come over to the UK this autumn as part of an absolutely insanely brilliant, mindblowingly good package tour, make sure you take some extra cash for a shirt. They’ll love you for it.

4) Converge are still the best at making people immediately lose their shit. (Careless, right?) There are under 400 people in here tonight but approximately 83 per cent of them are flying through the air at any given moment.

5) Andrew W.K. made sure that Santos’ Party House sounds great. There are speakers running the length of the venue so that no matter how far back you stand, you’ll be able to hear everything perfectly.

6) Jacob Bannon is one of the most humble frontmen around. Stopping to stand with his arms open and appreciate the crowd between every song is unecessary but has clearly helped build a special bond with his band’s fans as they actually listen and then applaud. That’s called respect. The bit immediately after where everyone ninja kicks their neighbour in the face, however, is slightly less respectful. Ironic, eh?!



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