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June 17th, 2011

Live: Enter Shikari @ London Camden Dingwalls – 15 June 2011

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It’s not rocket science, is it? Enter Shikari are playing a teeny weeny show to around 400 very lucky people in Camden. We’d been promised a shiny green lightshow as well so obviously we went down there, somehow still carrying a bit of Download Festival hangover, and got really, really sweaty.

Six things we learned when Enter Shikari did Camden Dingwalls:

1) Enter Shikari write songs for people to sing. Tracks like ‘Return To Energiser’ and ‘No Sssweat’ are huge anthems that saw everyone in Dingwalls pause the mosh to sing the chorus. Their songs are massive.

2) The crowd here tonight is the hard core and they’re getting older. The glowsticks and whistles of yore thankfully seem to have been replaced by pure energy. Everyone here fucking loves this band and the pit just keeps rolling. Obviously, it helps that every member of the band (bar Rob Rolfe) gets involved as well.

3) ‘Quelle Surprise’ has been on the internet for four weeks and the 400 here know every word. It’s almost as if they’ve just been listening to it on repeat. #ENTERSHIKARI did become a Trending Topic on Twitter the evening it was released, after all.

4) The current wave of dance-infused hardcore started here. The fact that it’s almost de rigeur to have dubstep-influenced rock these days is testament to the power that Enter Shikari have. If their forthcoming album doesn’t send the world bananas – and everything is pointing towards that happening – then something’s gone wrong.

5) Rory Clewlow’s guitar and Chris Batten’s bass are so, so heavy. That’s why it’s so funny when ‘trve metallers’ take the piss out of Shikari for being lightweight kiddie rock. They’re just wrong.

6) Is Roughton Reynolds actually Bruce Dickinson’s son? Have Rise To Remain and Austin Dickinson been planted into the heavy metal world simply to distract from Rou and Shikari? Look at him!

Enter Shikari are on tour across the UK this autumn with Your Demise and letlive.. It’s going to be a stonker of a tour so do not miss it.



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