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June 23rd, 2011

Live: Godflesh + Goatsnake @ Kentish Town Forum – 16 June 2011

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Chances are you don’t know many people that have seen Godflesh. You also probably don’t know many people that have seen Goatsnake. When these two bands were announced for a one-off gig together, we knew no amount of excessive partying at Download Festival would stop us from heading to the Forum to witness something fuck-off heavy.

Six things we found out when we saw Godflesh in London:

1) Unfortunately we didn’t arrive in time to catch openers D.R.I. but we couldn’t help noticing a good few tshirts dotted around in support of the 80s thrash punk legends. Respect.

2) Goatsnake sound incredible tonight. The detuned guitars are much more beefy live than on record, and Pete Stahl’s voice is utterly spellbinding. It’s almost unbelievable that such a powerful voice comes out of a sharp dressed man dancing like a tipsy Dad at Christmas. We like doom. We like harmonicas. Doom with harmonicas is a double win.

3) We always knew Godflesh were going to make us feel like our ears had been ripped out, tenderized and fed into a blender full of broken glass. A lot of the crowd were stood in awe wondering how this unholy wall of noise was being made by just two men with a laptop. At points it was very much the simplicity of the riffs that made their music so devastatingly brutal. Take note, tech-metallers.

4) Any gig with cult bands that have reformed or not played in a while is going to draw a weird crowd. On our way in we saw a middle aged man with a walking stick wearing a Skrewdriver shirt. That must take serious balls. Or lack of them, depending on which way you look at it.

5) Kentish Town Forum is notorious for piss-poor acoustics but tonight each band sounded colossal. Come to think of it, the past few gigs we’ve been to here have sounded surprisingly good. Someone buy the new sound engineer a beer. Ta.

6) A single UK date with a line-up this rare should really have been able to sell out Kentish Town Forum. Perhaps draining summer funds or recovery time from Download stopped some people from making it down. On the flipside, the fact that a lot of the punters were of a larger build (*cough*) actually meant the venue actually felt quite full. SRSLY, we’re not joking.

Godflesh @ Kentish Town Forum – 16 June 2011 Setlist
Like Rats
Christbait Rising
Tiny Tears
Avalanche Master Song
Mighty Trust Krusher
Life is Easy
Dead Head
Crush My Soul

Goatsnake @ Kentish Town Forum – 16 June 2011 Setlist
Flower of Disease
The Orphan
Slippin’ The Stealth
El Coyote
Lord of Los Feliz
Easy Greasy
The Dealer



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