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June 17th, 2011

Win!! A signed DVD from The Answer – 412 Days Of Rock ‘N’ Roll

the answer band promo photo brooklyn bridge 2011 cormac neeson thrash hits

If they are The Answer, what is the question? Yeah that’s a silly riddle that has no purpose. Something that does have a purpose, however, is this post because you can win the DVD documentary of The Answer’s travels across the world with AC/DC in 2008/09. The whole band has signed it and you can win one. Simple enough, eh?

Ultimately, the reason we’re able to give this solitary unit of brilliance away is to remind you that when you don’t win, you can still go and BUY IT. It’s available all over the internet but if you can find it at a good price in a shop, you should do that because it’s more fun.

the answer 412 days of rock n roll signed cd cover 2011 thrash hits

Win a signed DVD from The Answer

Where are The Answer from?

This competition is dead. Go click Competitions and find another one and win some other shit.

Also, you shouldn’t forget that The Answer are playing at Sonisphere Festival 2011 on the Sunday, probably at around the same time as Limp Bizkit. We reckon the fans don’t overlap too much there.


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