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July 3rd, 2011

Album: Goes Cube – In Tides And Drifts

Goes Cube 2011 by David Bergman Thrash Hits

Goes Cube
In Tides And Drifts
The End Records
27 June 2011

by Andy Parker

Goes Cube’s debut, Another Day Has Passed, rattled my core from the onset when it was released back in 2009. It perfectly fitted the gap between the sometimes over indulgent progressive musings of the likes of Baroness or Mastodon, and the stoner blitzkrieg of Helms Alee or Dozer. It almost seemed impossible for a three-piece to craft such a fully-involved sound.

Goes Cube In Tides And Drifts album cover artwork packshot Thrash Hits

Their second release, In Tides And Drifts, pushes further into the intensity stakes and may well come off as one of my top records of 2011. ‘Safety Coffin’ rips the record open at a devastating pace, with ‘Thunderheads’ and ‘Property’ snapping at its toes with their speed licking barrage. It isn’t until ‘Year Of The Human’ that Goes Cube provide a breather as it contorts and bends itself in position.

Goes Cube’s charm stems from being something of a dab hand at infusing a Black Sabbath driving tone, with devastatingly powerful rock progressions, a trait that many of their ilk lack. As ‘Gray And Winter’ rumbles to a close, the opus section of the record unfolds – the three-part ‘The Story Is The Story…’ . Starting with ‘…Begins’, it glides its way into a slow-building cycle, reminiscent of Isis on top form. ‘…Goes’ follows with a far more battering-ram approach, finally shattering the giant gates that is ‘…Ends’ into a flurry of splinters.

Listen to the title-track from In Tides And Drifts by Goes Cube:

Goes Cube have not as yet acquired the global recognition I believe they deserve, and I cannot understand why. In Tides And Drifts is an incredible composition that although carrying a defiant level of grunt behind it, has some beautiful passages snuck in with them, revealing Goes Cube to be so much more than just another progressive metal outfit.


Sounds Like: Helms Alee, Baroness, Karma To Burn
Top tracks: Safety Coffin, Year Of The Human, The Story Is The Story Goes, The Ban Has Been Lifted

Goes Cube – In Tides And Drifts tracklisting:
Safety Coffin
Year Of The Human
The Homes Of
Gray And Winter
The Story Is The Story Begins
The Story Is The Story Goes
The Story Is The Story Ends
Small Pond Small Fish
Lines On The Map
The Ban Has Been Lifted
In Tides And Drifts



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