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July 7th, 2011

Album: Suicide Silence – The Black Crown

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Suicide Silence
The Black Crown
Century Media
18 July 2011

by Andy Parker

During the creation of The Black CrownSuicide Silence have been talking a lot about their decision to ditching many of the digital processes used by their previous producer, Machine. This time around they have instead teamed up with Steve Evett (Dillinger Escape Plan, Architects) to create an album that closer reflects the sound of their live performances. That decisions has paid-off by the truckload.

Suicide Silence The Black Crown album cover artwork packshot Thrash Hits

While the opening track, ‘Slaves To Substance’, kicks straight into gear with a signature blast beat to half time slam combo, with future single ‘You Only Live Once’ pumping modern hardcore tones and a drop into another signature beat down. From here on out though, Suicide Silence’s inspirations really start to chime through with serious resonance. ‘March to the Black Crown’ has more Korn stickered over it than the body of any teenager-owned strat copy, making the appearance of the aforementioned band’s frontman, Jonathan Davis, on the following track, ‘Witness The Addiction’, feel like the next logical step rather than a cheap cash-in guest spot. The chorus section in particular could’ve easily been scraped off the Issues cutting room floor, yet oddly I found myself appreciating the juxtapose it presented, and wishing there was more of it.

Watch a behind the scenes video from the ‘You Only Live Once’ video shoot:

The Black Crown may be just attack without any let up, but in doing so has lost some opportunity for much needed respite. Whereas both of Suicide Silence’s previous releases, The Cleansing and No Time To Bleed, provided opportunities to take a breath, The Black Crown jettisons all pretence to this. When the counter finally hits the 40-minute mark, it’s quite hard to distinguish anything other than the familiarity that this is Suicide Silence and the sound they have created for themselves – distinct and unrelenting.


Sounds Like: Whitechapel, Martyr Defiled, your mums greatest fears rolled into pastry placed as the base of a pizza topped with fetted goats blood instead of tomato and rancid spicy beef.
Top Tracks: You Only Live Once, Witness the Addiction, The Only Thing That Sets Us Apart

Suicide Silence – The Black Crown tracklisting:
Slaves to Substance
Human Violence
You Only Live Once
Fuck Everything
March to the Black Crown
Witness the Addiction
Cross-eyed Catastrophe
The Only Thing That Sets Us Apart
Cancerous Skies



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