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July 6th, 2011

It’s Official: Smash Mouth WILL eat all the eggs

Smashmouth Eggs Thrash Hits

Okay, hold tight – there’s a bit of backstory for this one, but we guaran-damn-tee that the payoff is worth it. First off, do you remember Smash Mouth? They are a lacklustre band who lucked out with a number of hits back in the late 1990s. Since then, they’ve limped on with a series of shitty pop-ska nonsense albums, and lived off the royalties they get from licensing ‘All Star’ out to as many Hollywood teenage gross-out movies as possible. And that was that.

At least it was, until Something Awful remembered who they were about a month ago.

Seemingly without rhyme or reason, Something Awful columnist Johnny “DocEvil” Titanium posted a blog where he offered $20 to Smash Mouth’s gobby frontman, Steve Harwell, to meet him and allow himself to be filmed eating two dozen eggs. Smash Mouth ignored what they thought was just a nonsensical request from one of their followers. Except Twitter got involved.

We love Twitter here at Thrash Hits. It has helped bring down governments in the Middle East. It has helped spread outrage at scandals and skullduggery at the heart of British politics. It has helped thousands of fans of The Blackout express their rage at #raziqraufsreignofterror. Over the last five weeks, hundreds and hundreds of people repeated DocEvil’s request for Smash Mouth to take up the egg-eating challenge. Thousands of upon thousands of people jammed up Smash Mouth’s official twitter feed with tweet after tweet about the band’s refusal to meet this $20 egg challenge. People started to offer to throw their own money into the pot in order to see Steve Harwell gobble up those 24 eggs.

And it didn’t just stop at Twitter – people spammed the band’s email contacts with egg-pledges, the band’s Facebook wall was clogged with comments requesting the band agree to the egg challenge, and as you can see above, egg-fans even started to post songs on YouTube campaigning to get Smash Mouth to man up and eat the eggs. And it worked – last night, Smash Mouth acquiesced to this ludicrous yet amazing challenge.

Smash Mouth agreed to the challenge with but a single caveat – that egg-fans donate $10,000 towards a charity of Smash Mouth’s choice first. That charity is the Memphis-based St Jude Children’s Research Hospital, which specialises in the research, prevention, and treatment of catastrophic child diseases – which as we can all agree, is an extremely noble cause. At the time of writing – a mere 12 hour after Smash Mouth agreed to eat the eggs – the donations total on the band’s official giving-page has risen to in just shy of $5000. We here at Thrash Hits have done our bit and chucked $10 into the pot, and we would urge all of our readers to do the same. Not only will you be helping children who are suffering from some of the most tragic and painful diseases, you will also be helping ensure that Steve Harwell of Smash Mouth man’s up and eats 24 eggs.

Donate Some Money. Make Smash Mouth Eat All The Eggs.