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July 4th, 2011

Live: Eyehategod @ Old Blue Last, London – 27 June 2011

After obliterating the Underworld with Church Of Misery on 26 June, Eyehategod announced they would be playing a free show the next night at Old Blue Last. FREE NOLA SLUDGE? IN OUR FAVOURITE PUB? Of course we were there!

Six things we learned when we saw Eyehategod at Old Blue Last:

1) It really is easy to forget how lucky we are as music fans in London. Apologies if you are reading this from the Orkney Islands or somewhere equally as remote – but with over 500 gigs across the capital on any given night, there is almost too much to do. FML! There are places in the world where Eyehategod have never played, where we are sure fans would give their right arms to witness New Orleans finest with their own eyes. Two nights in London, one of which being a free show in a tiny venue? God bless you, EHG.

2) We noticed a chap called Lewis Floyd Henry busking outside the Underworld show – performing as a one man band by singing, playing drums with his feet and strumming a guitar rigged through PA in a pram. As you do. He must have impressed the Eyehategod chaps: Mike Williams came out to jam with him on the street and invited him to play guitar on ‘Sister Fucker Part 1’ at the show later. Tonight he was offered the main support slot and genuinely impressed the stoner crowd with his Robert Johnson-inspired swampy blues.

3) As if playing a free show was not enough, Jimmy Bower even spent most of the evening sat outside the venue having a drink and chatting to fans. You don’t get that with Bon Jovi. Diamond geezer.

4) Eyehategod are easily one of the most chaotic live acts around today. Not in a Dillinger Escape Plan way, it’s less destructive but more spontaneous – there certainly is no setlist tonight. In between songs, Mike rambles on about the lights being too bright whilst the rest of the band argue that they need the light to see what they are playing. This just adds to the band’s sludgy grit, and the drug-like state their godforsaken riffs induce. Pure brilliance.

5) Tonight there are members Orange Goblin, Dripback and a good few other bands dotted around the room – many of which were out the night before too. Proof that an opportunity like this is truly too good to miss.

6) Tonight’s free gig was on a first come, first served basis with doors at 8 and the headliners on just after 10. We thought there would have been a mad rush to get in, and whilst the room was pretty full there was definitely room for more. Londoners… where were you?



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