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July 6th, 2011

Live: Linkin Park @ London Camden Roundhouse – 04 July 2011

They may have headlined Download Festival 2011 a couple of weeks ago but that didn’t stop Linkin Park playing to 3,000 people on a warm night in Camden for The iTunes Festival. If they can headline 20,000 capacity venues and 60,000 capacity festivals, this should be a doddle…

Six things we learnt when we saw Linkin Park play an intimate show

1) It’s not loud enough in here. After the 60 second countdown (after which the band still weren’t onstage) it was immediately apparent that it was very quiet in the Roundhouse. The massive video screens made it all visually impressive enough though.

2) Maybe it’s the curious blend of passive competition winners and insanely happy fans but the atmosphere is muted. Despite playing to vastly reduced numbers, Linkin Park have not got this crowd in the palm of their collective hand. They’re not owning The Roundhouse. Their powers are limited. Oh dear.

3) Isn’t Chester Bennington doing well? Not only does he still have a stellar set of pipes on him but he’s sporting diamond-studded flesh tunnels. That’s the kind of embellishment you can afford when you’re the frontman of the biggest-selling artist of the 21st Century. He doesn’t half sweat a lot, though.

4) Mike Shinoda should never, ever hold a guitar onstage. It’s rare to see a musician look so uncomfortable with an instrument but the rapper/pianist/”guitarist” manages it nonetheless. Just put it down, mate and have a seat behind the ivories.

5) There was just not enough Hybrid Theory. The four tracks off their debut were all brilliantly received but it’s been over a decade since Linkin Park broke through with that album and it would have been ruddy fantastic for them to have celebrated it by running through it all the way. One day… one day…

6) Linkin Park + Adele = ARGH. There is just no excuse for coming back for your encore and covering ‘Rolling In The Deep’. It was a good rendition and maybe among this largely non-metal crowd, it went down remarkably well but if Linkin Park are really trying to leave the metal world behind, why play Donington? You can’t blame them for wanting to eat their cake and still have it…

Linkin Park @ London Camden Roundhouse – 04 July 2011 setlist
The Requiem
Lying From You
Given Up
What I’ve Done
Empty Spaces
When They Come for Me
No More Sorrow
Jornada del Muerto
Waiting for the End
Burning in the Skies
The Radiance
Breaking the Habit
The Catalyst
One Step Closer
Rolling in the Deep
(Adele cover)
Wisdom, Justice, and Love
New Divide
In the End
Bleed It Out



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