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August 5th, 2011

Album: Jamey Jasta – Jasta

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Jamey Jasta
Century Media
25 July 2011

by Andy Parker

Before we get the ball rolling it has to be said I quite like a bit of Hatebreed. I can’t say that there is a perfect album end to end, but they sure do know how to make some floor-punching, dick-shrivelling stompers that are always accompanied by chest beating choruses. ‘Straight To Your Face’, ‘Doomsayer’, ‘This Is Now’ or ‘I Will Be Heard’ all result in my car going bat shit crazy with my crew slamming one another on the back seat.  But will this debut solo record from Jamey Jasta prove that there more to the man than a head scarf and a huge gob?

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The key difference to the Jasta debut and his other pet project, Kingdom Of Sorrow, is that Jasta sticks closer to what he knows while affording more dynamisms with the inclusion of some of his favoured touring buddies. Most of the material was written several years ago, with Jasta arranging all the tracks himself, with many of the ideas were written for other people but kept back because – as Jasta himself puts it – “were so good”. The record is littered with guest appearances. Zakk Wylde provides the power behind ‘The Fearless Must Endure’, while Randy Blythe and Mark Morton of Lamb of God, members of All That Remains, As I Lay Dying and of course the backbone of Jasta’s normal recording outfit all getting a chance to contribute at some point.

Sure, for the most part the album sounds like (you guessed it!) Hatebreed, but a Hatebreed that has concluded that harmonic choruses can be as, if not more powerful than those gang chants found in the hardcore world of old. Tracks like opener ‘Walk That Path Alone’, and future single ‘Anthem Of The Freedom Fighter’, are exactly what you would expect from JJ, but it’s the glimmers of something truly alterior in the forms of ‘Mourn The Illusioni, ‘Something You Should Know’ and ‘Nothing They Say’ that show a completely different light to Jasta’s writing and delivery.

Listen to ‘Mourn The Illusion’ by Jamey Jasta:

Rest assured, the next Hatebreed album (currently slated for an early 2012 release) will be short and pull no punches. Jasta has confirmed there will be no melodies, because this solo release os where those tones belong. If you buy this record, at the very least you can mix it in a Hatebreed playlist and give yourself a chance to slow down before your neck snaps.


Sounds Like: Hatebreed, Hatebreed with Lamb of God, Hatebreed, errr…. fucking Hatebreed
Top Tracks: Anthem Of The Freedom Fighter, Heart Of A Warrior, Mourn The Illusion

Jamey Jasta – Jasta tracklisting:
Walk That Path Alone
Mourn The Illusion
Screams From The Sanctuary
Nothing They Say
Anthem Of The Freedom Fighter
Something You Should Know (ft. Phil Labonte from All That Remains)
Set You Adrift
Enslaved, Dead or Depraved (ft. Randy Blythe from Lamb of God)
With A Resounding Voice (ft. Tim Lambesis from As I Lay Dying)
The Fearless Must Endure (ft. Zakk Wylde from Black Label Society)
Heart Of A Warrior (ft. Mike Vallely)
Death Bestowed (ft. Mark Morton from Lamb Of God)



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