Thrash Hits

August 2nd, 2011

Even MORE free music – this time it’s a 20-track mixtape from Southern Lord

The Power Of The Riff Southern Lord Thrash Hits

This is last free download thing we’ll post today – we promise. Southern Lord have put together a killer 20-track mixtape to mark The Power Of The Riff, the tour/festival-thing they’ve got set to tear up the West Coast of the USA later this month. Why should this be of interest of anyone here in Blighty? Well, because said mixtape features acts like All Pigs Must Die, Black Breath, Early Graves, and Trap Them, that’s why.

That and the fact that they’re giving it away for free.

Download Southern Lord’s Power Of The Riff mixtape FOR FREE

Seriously, check out this tracklisting and tell us that this isn’t worth a download:

1. All Pigs Must Die – ‘Pulverization’
2. Baptists – ‘Good Parenting’
3. Eyehategod – ‘Jack Ass in the Will of God’
4. Masakari – ‘Trapped In The Mold’
5. Alpinist – ‘Hak Nam’
6. Skin Like Iron – ‘Consequences’
7. Early Graves – ‘Wraiths’
8. Seven Sisters Of Sleep – ‘Sundown’
9. Pentagram – ‘Call The Man’
10. Black Breath – ‘Children Of The Horn’
11. Plagues – ‘Breathing’
12. Harassor – ‘Glory Raped’
13. Acephalix – ‘Interminable Night’
14. Black Cobra – ‘Negative Reversal’
15. Æges – ‘Roaches’
16. Slave – ‘Rise Of Shame’
17. Trap Them – ‘Carnage Incarnate’
18. NoothGrush – ‘Oil Removed’
19. Pelican – ‘Strung Up From The Sky’
20. Winter) – ‘Eternal Frost’

Pretty fucking sweet, no?

Download Southern Lord’s Power Of The Riff mixtape FOR FREE