Thrash Hits

August 12th, 2011

Someone at Lucozade likes their music a little rowdier…

The James Cleaver Quintet 2010 promo photo Thrash Hits

….or at least recognises the value of it for selling glucose-charged fizzy pop to people. The James Cleaver Quintet are the stars (can you be “stars” in an advert?) of the latest TV spot from Lucozade. Unfortunately, rather than having The JCQ play one of the tracks off their scorching debut mini-album/EP thing, Ten Stages Of A Make Up, they had the Brighton boys cover a ten year old Feeder track instead.

It’s ‘Buck Rogers’, y’know, that one that has that ludicrous “Drink cider from a lemon (LEMON! LEMON! LEMON!)” lyric. Yeah, that one. Personally, we think the advert would’ve been ten times cooler if Lucozade had the balls to use The JCQ playing one of their own songs – ‘I Do, You Do, We Do Voodoo’ or ‘Pink & Blues’ would’ve smashed it – but we understand that they’re commissioning adverts to sell fizzy pop to thirsty people, and using a song that people have drunkenly shouted “HE’S GOT A CD PLAYER! PLAYER! PLAYER! PLAYER!” along to probably has more traction with their target audience than kickass off-kilter rock’n’roll. Anyway, here’s the advert:

Of course, this isn’t the first time Lucozade have used young British bands for the purposes of advertising their drinks. Last year, The Plight’s music made it onto of a Lucozade advert. It was just their music that made the advert, mind you, not The Plight themselves. This is because The Plight are not only a) terrifying, and b) hairy, but they’re also because they are c) Northern. This of course means they are d) Terrifyingly Hairy Northerners. There’s nothing that scare soft Southern advertising executives than Terrifying Hairy Northerners.

Well, now we’ve got that out of the way, there’s some far more important news about The James Cleaver Quintet to impress on you than their Lucozade-based hi-jinks. It’s been announced today that they’re going on tour across the UK in November with Turbowolf and Hawk Eyes. Turbowolf are finally launching their album on 11 November too, so you’ve got even more reason to bust down and throw some shapes in a scrappy little moshpit or two.

Turbowolf, Hawk Eyes and The James Cleaver Quintet November tourdates:
08 Bristol Croft
09 Cardiff Clwb Ifor Bach Cardiff
10 Colchester Arts Centre
11 Southend Chinneys
12 Nottingham Basement
14 Birmingahm Vudu
15 Leeds Cockpit
16 Glasgow King Tuts Wah Wah Hut
17 Manchester Alter Ego
18 Sheffield Corporation
19 Aldershot Westend Centre
20 Bournemouth iBar
22 London Upstairs at the Garage

Tickets will set you back about £7 before fees are taken into account, and if you can’t already get them from your usual ticket selling website, they’ll be available soon enough. Have a bit of patience!