Thrash Hits

August 23rd, 2011

We’re sponsoring The Tangled Tour because it’s the best collection of homegrown talent to tour the UK in years. End of.

Bastions 2011 promo photo Thrash Hits

Bastions are headlining. Kerouac, The Long Haul, Battle For Paris and Let’s Talk Daggers are all playing before them. And depending whether you hit a show at the start or the end of the tour, you get Goodtime Boys or Veils playing as well for good measure. The Tangled Tour is going to be the best collection of UK bands to tour together this year, which is why we’re proud to be sponsoring the whole damn shebang.

The Tangled Tour – so called because it features the cream of the Tangled Talk Records roster – is going to lay waste to seven towns and cities across the UK in October. As far as line-ups featuring young British talent go, The Tangled Tour is pretty much bang-on as far as getting our juices flowing goes:

Tangled Tour Revised Poster October 2011 Thrash Hits

We’ve gone on enough about how much we love Bastions here at Thrash Hits for you to at least be familiar with them by now – there’s a reason we booked them to open our first ever Thrash Hits Presents night. We’ve also made no secret of our love for Kerouac, who’s EPs and splits have rocked our collective world for many months now. The Long Haul are yet another band we’ve sung the praises of and featured in our Future Hits series. You know we’re not exaggerating when we say we believe this tour is going to be the mutt’s nuts.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be getting to grips with all bands taking part in this most momentous of bills, so even if you’re late to the party and have somehow never heard us explaining why you should love these bands already, by the time October comes around you’ll be more than familiar with them. And you bloody well better make sure you bust down to a show when they pay near you, as this is the kind of tour that isn’t going to come along ever again.


One last thing for all our London readers – Bastions are going to be playing the Raw Power Club Night tonight at the Notting Hill Arts Club. They’ll be playing alongside While She Sleeps and Cytota, and it’ll set you back a measly £5 to get in. Come along, throw down in the pit, and we might even buy you a beer afterwards*.

*Well, we won’t but we’ll definitely give you a high-five.