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September 21st, 2011

Album: All Pigs Must Die – God Is War

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All Pigs Must Die
God Is War
Southern Lord
04 September 2011

by Danny Montana

There’s a bunch of these super, super heavy bands knocking around at the moment. They call it “crust punk”, “grindcore” and “proto-thrash” but it’s inspired by the furious punk metal of Discharge and the classic death metal of Entombed. Featuring members of Converge and The Hope Conspiracy, All Pigs Must Die are certainly one of them. Unsurprisingly, God Is War is a great reason for this effort in brutality to exist.

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The pure fury of ‘Death Dealer’ opens this debut album before the dark, menacing ‘Pulverisation’ lends some interesting guitarwork to the record. It sounds angry. It sounds purposeful. It sounds really angry. There’s no messing about with this band. You think they don’t mind the Police? You’ll know they mean every word associated with them after 30 seconds of this album.

There is variety on this album. With songs ranging from the hyperspeed riffing of ‘Sacrosanct’, the melodic riffing of ‘Extinction Is Ours’ and the extended sludge of closing track, ‘Sadistic Vindicator’. After the characteristically tumbling drums of the pounding, furious title track, you really don’t want to be holding a Bible when Kevin Baker screams, “GOD IS WAR.” It’ll be pummelled through your skull within seconds. Pure fucking hate.

Just call it metal and know that All Pigs Must Die are brilliant. You get the feeling they’d rip your ears off and scream their message right into them if they could. Do not miss out on this God Is War. It’s certainly one of the angriest and heaviest but it’s also one of the best albums of 2011.


Sounds like: Trap Them, Entombed, Discharge
Top tracks: God Is War, Pulverisation, Sadistic Vindicator
Guitar solo rating: 1/6 – no time for solos, only punching

All Pigs Must Die – God Is War tracklisting
Death Dealer
God Is War
The Blessed Void
Third World Genocide
Extinction Is Ours
Sadistic Vindicator



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