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September 22nd, 2011

Album: Dangerous! – Teenage Rampage

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Teenage Rampage
19 September 2011
Epitaph Records

by Ryan Williams

Another day, another band with an inappropriately punctuated name. This is Dangerous!. (That’s why the punctuation is inappropriate.) It’s not too hard to get past thesimilarities with The Hives and especially The Vines but there’s a bit more to them than being just another bunch of Aussie garage rockers.

Dangerous! Teenage Rampage album cover 2011 epitaph records thrash hits

Opening track ‘Not One Of You’ is totally indicative of their sound before the furious ‘Movers N Shakers’ comes in. On ‘Nightmare’, Tommy Loft often sounds like Daryl Palumbo on a bad day while the bouncing ‘Needles’ has one of those sing-along choruses that even Kaiser Chiefs might nod along to. Needless to say, ‘Needles’ is one for playing live and getting everyone singing along to. It’s simple enough.

The genre they’re playing in just doesn’t allow much deviation as the fact that 11 of the 12 songs are between two and three minutes indicates. They all run at around the same breakneck speed and they don’t exactly pause for a quick ballad. They’re having too much fun being dangerous. Or Dangerous!. Whatever.

It’s not exactly groundbreaking and it’s not too derivative but Dangerous! are playing the party rock game and they’re playing it with a decent amount of imagination and a whole lot of fun. You aren’t going to be listening to Teenage Rampage in 20 years but it’s more than alright for just now.


Sounds like: The Vines, The Hives, Airbourne
Top tracks: Needle, Not One Of You
Guitar solo rating: 1/6 – riffs ahoy

Dangerous! – Teenage Rampage tracklisting
Not One Of You
Movers N Shakers
Slo Mo Video
Chasing The Girls
Big Muff
D! Or Die



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