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September 1st, 2011

Album: Krum Bums – Cut The Noose

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Krum Bums
Cut The Noose
People Like You Records
22 August 2011

by Andy Parker

Get your mohawks out.

Krum Bums Cut The Noose album cover artwork packshot Thrash Hits

For the last decade, Krum Bums have sat relatively unnoticed outside of their home state of Texas. Very much a group with their roots firmly in the US Punk sound of the late 80s/early 90s, Cut The Noose will tickle your ears if you spend your days watching Skate videos, working minimum wage so you can get your band off the ground, still think that Punk in Drublic is the best thing ever recorded and have more stickers on your guitar than strings.

The band might have a solid sound, but they don’t really stand out amongst the crowd of long-standing US punk acts. This isn’t to say that what they have produced with Cut The Noose is nothing more than another band playing the same old same old – there are indeed some excellent moments on tracks like ‘Last To Go’, ‘(get Away)’ and ‘Gone Forever’. It’s clear that if this is up your alley, it’s going to be so far in that you’ll need to get a doctor to pull it back out.

Watch the video to ‘Gasoline’ by Krum Bums:

A solid record Krum Bums provide the summer antidote to what has been a stormy shitty British affair – crap weather, and a severe lack of barbeques.


Sounds Like: Operation Ivy, Rancid, Bad Religion, Casualties, Living End
Top Tracks: Last To Go, Starving Wolves

Krum Bums – Cut The Noose tracklisting:
Population Control
Action City
Poison Myself
Hit And Run
Last To Go
Starving Wolves
Cut The Noose
(get Away)
Gone Forever
High Highs, Low Lows



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