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September 30th, 2011

Album: Madina Lake – World War III

madina lake band promo photo 2011 thrash hits

Madina Lake
World War III
Long Branch Records
10 October 2011

by Danny Montana

From the powerful opening moments of ‘Howdy Neighbour!’, it’s clear that Madina Lake are back. After a horrendous couple of years, it appears that the Chicago quartet is back and ready to complete the Adalia trilogy with the intriguingly titled World War III.

madina lake world war III 3 album artwork cover 2011 thrash hits

The Billy Corgan-produced, ‘Imagineer’ is all buzzsaw guitars and wailing vocals and it lends possibly the only touch of real class to this album. It’s important for Corgan not to detract from the record however, because it’s still probably Madina Lake’s most accomplished effort. There are good songs, a great concept and some great delivery.

While the unsuccessful and quite rubbish Attics To Eden was an exercise in light-hearted pop rock, there is understandably a more troubled edge to World War III. (Now that’s a sentence.) There is hope in songs like ‘They’re Coming For Me’ though with the tight song-writing and it points toward greater things from the band.

The brooding ‘Hey Superstar’ changes up the pace and vibe of the album again, showcasing what good storytellers they are. Closing track, ‘The Great Divide’ peters out into five minutes of silence before the thunderous secret track creeps up on you. It’s an unexpected but welcome ending.

It might be that the quality of the third in the Adalia trilogy gets a bunch of new fans to delve into Madina Lake’s past and find out all about them. They’ve got the chance to start afresh and with World War III, they’ve got every opportunity.


Sounds like: Lostprophets, Jane’s Addiction
Top tracks: Imagineer, Howdy Neighbour!, Hey Superstar
Guitar solo rating: 2/6 not really in their repertoire



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