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September 2nd, 2011

Album: Rise To Remain – City Of Vultures

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Rise To Remain
City Of Vultures
05 September 2011

by Vincent Danger

It’s been a long time coming. This album was being recorded a whole year ago but it’s taken ‘til now for Rise To Remain’s major label debut to be release. After playing every festival under the sun (twice) and supporting pretty much every great band ever, luckily for them, City Of Vultures is worth the wait.

Bursting out of the intro into ‘The Serpent’ with some vocals which swerve impressively between Phil Anselmo and and Funeral For A Friend’s Matt Davies. Yeah, go figure. What madman marries those styles? It’s almost schizophrenic! Regardless, it kinda works pretty well. Imagine if the Cookie Monster was Welsh though. Bisgedi Monster doesn’t work, does it. Anyway…

Rise To Remain City Of Vultures Artwork 2011 emi thrash hits

The rest of the album isn’t too different. It’s pretty unrelentingly metalcore-y. ‘City Of Vultures’ has a couple of relaxed moments that soar and sing but it’s mainly frantic and thumping because that’s more effective. ‘Power Through Fear’ is a cracking slice of growling melodic metal. Not only are RTR pretty bloody good at their gear but there are real, proper songs held within all of this. It’s great!

UNKNOWN TRIVIA: Did you know that vocalist, Austin Dickinson’s dad, Bruce flies passenger planes for a living. He also plays guitar in Iron Maiden.

There’s one song where you can chill out a bit. It’s not quite as schmaltzy as a Bullet For My Valentine ballad but you can hear the nylon strings on the acoustic being strummed a bit too viciously during ‘Roads’. I don’t think it’s about a girl wearing too much eyeliner either because there’s talk of Darkened Roads and Clipped Wings and the such. Someone’s fucking Austin up. Help him!

Of the two older songs, ‘Bridges Will Burn’ and ‘Nothing Left’, the latter sounds slightly more dated – it resembles an old Trivium b-side (not necessarily a bad thing) – while the former closes the album with variation and a serious amount of brutality. Ultimately this shows the progress the band has already made.

It’s a great start, but at this early stage in Rise To Remain’s career it’s all too clear that they’re still the result of their influences. With their level of talent, however, it’s only a matter of time before they find a sound they can truly call their own.


Sounds like: Bullet For My Valentine, Trivium, Pantera
Top tracks: God Can Bleed, The Serpent, Roads

Rise To Remain – City Of Vultures tracklisting
The Serpent
This Day Is Mine
City Of Vultures
Talking In Whispers
God Can Bleed
Power Through Fear
Nothing Left
We Will Last Forever
Bridges Will Burn



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