Thrash Hits

September 2nd, 2011

Bad Band Photos 005: Alcoholic DC

This one’s a contender for being shopped to Trading Standards. Watch out Alchoholic DC, you bunch of misleading goons. As much as you wonder what the bands are doing, you’ve got to wonder how we found the photo…

Alcoholic DC
From: Hell
Actually from: Brazil
Age: 33 (actual), 12 (mental)
Cringe factor: 666/666
URL: Myspace

alcoholic dc brazil bad band photos thrash hits

We all love AC/DC right? We all love alcohol from time to time? What happens if you put both together? You get Alcoholic DC! It’s like AC/DC but more boozey.

These guys are poised on setting the world on fire and judging by the dodgy photoshop work on this gem – themselves too. Their singer forgot his Venom top for the photo shoot, but that’s ok: he also forgot to turn up to the studio, which is why the three tracks available are instrumental. Crazy guy – he’d forget his head if it wasn’t screwed on!

Just for the record, these guys sound nothing like AC/DC. More like Megadeth at their very worst without Dave Mustaine. Check ’em out. Don’t? Whatever. Just look.


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