Thrash Hits

September 19th, 2011

Bad Band Photos 006: We Died Trying!

This one almost feels a bit mean… but when’s that ever stopped us. Hopefully the guys in this band went on to better things. If so, maybe they could get in touch and explain to us exactly what they were thinking…

We Died Trying!
From: Slough. We think.
Actually from: No idea
Age: 16 (average)
Cringe factor: 5/6
Sounds like: Pyjamacore

They say you can’t judge a book by its cover, but then again they also say beauty is on the inside. We all know that’s just what ugly people keep telling themselves. Sometimes you just know that a band going to suck and unfortunately for We Died Trying! this promo picture (if we can call it that) does nothing to sell their music.

It’s a good thing really, because they have no music to sell. We really wanted to hear what these nü-metal upstarts had to offer (which means it’s a slow news day and we’re running out of things to laugh at) but we can’t because moments after this picture was taken the train ran them over…

we died trying slough bad band photos thrash hits

Oh well, lets just focus on the fact that over half the band are wearing pyjama bottoms. Fair enough it might have been an early morning shoot but seriously guys, get changed before you try to look mean on the train tracks. At least ‘Evil Tom’ on the right made an effort: dressed in black and looking angry because he’s not at home torturing his pet hamster. RIP. You actually died trying!


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