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September 27th, 2011

Future Hits 096: Veils

Veils promo photo Thrash Hits

From: Cornwall, UK
Lazy Equation: (We Came Out Like Tigers + a touch of Eden Maine) x #ukswell
URL: Facebook // Tumblr // Bandcamp

Thrash Hits Verdict:
As the first act on for the second half of The Tangled Tour, the pressure will be on Veils to impress when they hit the road next month will very much be on from the word “go”. Fortunately for them, Veils sound more pissed-off than damn near any other band you’re ever hear opening a show this year. We caught up with the band’s frontwoman, Chlo Edwards, before the madness kicks off.


Describe your sound in 3 words.
Melodic. Emotive. Free.

How did you meet?
Me and Ben [Sullivan, guitar] were previously in a punk rock band together and felt we needed to progress to a more free sound which captured more of what we were influenced by. We found Nathan [Retallack, bass] through our friends, and he has always stood out as one of the most passionate dudes at shows in our local music community. And Ollie [Lello, drums] turned up to practice one day and blew our minds.

What made you want to start a band?
I’ve always been in bands since i was thirteen, music and freedom of music is the only thing that has ever driven me and given me focus.

Where did you grow up? How do you think it’s affected your music?
We’ve all grown up in Cornwall which used to have no music community at all and in the last few years bands like Kasa, Crocus and Bangers (as well as our adopted “Cornish” band, Goodtime Boys) have really made what we have down here something special that we cherish. They made it look not so impossible for a band from Cornwall to get out of this small place, tour, and make their mark.

What are your non-musical influences?
Freedom of speech, feelings, emotions, adrenaline, our darkest thoughts, dreams, the ocean, life.

So far, what has been the best thing about being in a band?
The most enjoyable thing so far has been touring, pushing yourself every night to preform with everything we have to give. It might sound like a cliche, but also meeting like-minded people who we could call friends for life.

Veils Our Enlightenment Is Dead EP packaging Thrash Hits
Click the image to buy a very limited-edition copy of Veils’ Our Enlightenment Is Dead EP

How did Veils come to be involved with Tangled Talk Records? What’s your story there?
I was going through my junk mail one day just about to clear it out and i seen a message from Andrej [Presern, label boss] saying lovely positive things about Veils and how he would like to work with us.Since then a really positive friendship has built and he is really one of the loveliest dudes i know with a real caring for music and treating people and artists right.

What’s wrong with UK hardcore in 2011?
You can’t judge a movement, the people that i hear getting complained about at shows are really just insecure kids trying to fit in, they are harmless. And if people take the time to turn up to shows, pay money to see bands, support the bands, then everyone belongs. We’re all outsiders.

What’s right about it?
All the amazing music communities popping up everywhere with a really positive vibe.

What marks you out as different to other bands around at the moment?
This is really hard to answer, as when you are in a band you really separate from what you have to offer opposed to other bands but i know were one of the bands who play with every last bit that we have and at the end of our sets we are very much broken people.

What’s the best show you’ve played?
Playing in a stranger’s house in east London at 4am sticks out, and praying that the big “lads” outside were not going to smash the windows and kill us.

What have you got planned for the future (other than the Tangled Tour, obviously)?
We’re recording with Lewis Johns the day after The Tangled Tour for a 5-track EP release in January (on Tangled Talk). Then we have a full release tour for that in February, but before this we have some weekenders coming up with Take Courage and Departures in October, and Pariso in December. Then we have some split releases with bands we love coming up, and then next year we’re planning on touring relentlessly.

What other band should everyone find out about (that isn’t on the tour)?
Kasa and As We Sink.


Veils are going to be opening the second half of The Tangled Tour – so called because it features the cream of the Tangled Talk Records roster – when it kicks off next month. It’s going to lay waste to seven towns and cities across the UK in October, and as far as line-ups featuring young British talent go, this tour is pretty much bang-on as far as getting our juices flowing goes:

Tangled Tour Revised Poster October 2011 Thrash Hits

Over the last couple of weeks we’re been running features on the bands taking part in this almighty trek – including Goodtime Boys, Battle For Paris, Let’s Talk Daggers and The Long Haul. Come back later this week to see what happened when we caught up with Kerouac.