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September 7th, 2011

Pre-tour Interview: Aliases – “The Carnage Zone”, Visions and Franglaise

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Aliases are heading out on a five-date UK tour at the end of September with fellow Basick Records math metallers, Visions. We thought it would be a good thing to do to talk to guitarist, Graham ‘Pin’ Pinney about some stuff and some things.

Your album is wicked. How will you translate it to live? Will it go back to being in Franglaise?
Cheers! I dont think bringing it live will be an issue. We will bring the tunes right up in peoples faces, put on a show and make sure people have a great time. If we have the time we might bring out some new stuff as well to keep folks’ brains working! Franglaise… I’m not sure the level of that has ever changed. To be fair though, Jay is easier to understand than Darren with his Wiganish dialect!

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With Jay living in France, is tour the only time you see him?
He’s back and forth a fair bit so we see him a reasonable amount. It’s probably for the best we dont see him too often – when the five of us get together things tend to go into the carnage zone. You know: the normal stuff, clearing out quiet pubs due to our less-than-civilised darts playing, toes getting ripped up on nails – stuff like that. I think it’s brought on by doing stupid things like letting our buddy Faadz fly Jay over just so he can challenge us to each drink a bottle of Jager then finish the night off with loads more beer and vodka.

You’ve done this all before. What’s your touring advice to the guys in Visions?
As Aliases we have probably played a lot fewer shows than Visions but I guess the best advice is to eat well, put everything into every show and basically get ready to party!

Tell us your favourite tour story. You get up to some serious shit on tour…
I don’t know. There have been so many things, one of the funniest was the Euroblast experience. Our saga with the van we were hiring pulling out hours before we left resulting in us travelling in Leah’s Polo is well documented and a truly painful experience, however on the way out we had Darren basically very uneasy about the ferry and getting sick (he hadn’t been on one before) and of course Joe acting the sea leg king of the globe. Turns out everyone was fine… until the return journey. I have literally never seen anyone so green in my life as Joe. It was just one of those perfect moments. I could explain the Cyclamen/Chimp Spanner/Aliases death match on Brighton beach – which I won – but as people are still injured it’s probably not a really good thing.

What’s the best thing about being on Basick Records?
Just having a personable label who really have the right idea about what the band is all about. The people are brilliant and hopefully we will grow together as a band and label.

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Now you should go and do three things to make everyone’s day a little bit better. Including yours.
1) Go buy a ticket for one of the dates on the Safer Than Home tour
2) Go like Aliases on Facebook
3) Go download a free Aliases track from the Basick Records website



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