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September 26th, 2011

Thrash Hits TV: Ol Drake and Ben Carter from Evile on Five Serpent’s Teeth

Evile 2010 promo photo Thrash Hits

If there’s one thing we’ve resigned ourselves to here at Thrash Hits, its that we’re always, always going to have to explain our name to some people. “Why are you writing about [Non-Thrash Band]? How come you’re not writing about Thrash?” No matter how many times we explain that it’s a pun spun off from Smash Hitsthe very next day there will be someone else complaining about our lack of coverage specifically and only on the subject of Thrash.

Well, not today they won’t. Well, not during the fifteen minutes and two seconds they’ll be spending watching our in-depth interview with Yorkshire thrashers, Evile, at any rate.

In addition to discussing the ins and outs of Five Serpent’s Teeth with Ol Drake and Ben Carter, our man Amit Sharma made sure to nail down other, serious topics of note with the two members of Evile. Like…the use of Mr Blobby as an inhuman torture device. Y’know, the usual.

Five Serpent’s Teeth is out from today on Earache Records. When Tom Dare reviewed Five Serpent’s Teeth for us back in August, he had a little bit of a thrash-wank over it. It’s that good. If our interview has further stoked your desire to pick up Five Serpent’s Teeth, then you ought to head on over to Evile’s official website and purchase a copy.



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