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September 15th, 2011

Top 6 things Marilyn Manson NEEDS to do in 2011 to save his career

Is there still a place for Marilyn Manson in the world of heavy metal, circa 2011? Hugh Platt still seems to think so – or at least he thinks there might be if Manson doesn’t keep screwing up.

Marilyn Manson 2010 Thrash Hits

30 January 2001 – ladies and gentlemen, that was the date that Marilyn Manson began his slow but steady descent to the career-low at which he finds himself today. And terrible crime did Manson commit on that date that so marked his fate? Well, that was when Manson joined Eminem onstage in Germany during Eminem’s song ‘The Way I Am’ for the first (and not for the last) time. Doesn’t seem like much, does it?

Well, since then he’s gradually become ridiculed for his substandard live performances, humiliated by internet-guffawing at his drunken and demented press appearances, and cut adrift by his long-term record label following lackluster album sales. That Eminem collaboration wasn’t the cause of this though – it was merely the first warning sign of things to come.

But why was this the moment that set Manson down this tragic path? In 2011, can Manson ever the position of power he once held in the rock community, or is he permanently tarnished? We’re here to tell Mr. Manson that it doesn’t have to be this way anymore. C’mon, Brian, let us fix you.

The 6 Things Marilyn Manson needs to do in 2011 to save his career

1. Stop with the extra-curricular activities.

Does Manson remember why he became popular? It was because he was a rockstar. A living, breathing, smart-mouthed rockstar. It wasn’t because he was a shitty painter. It wasn’t because he was an absinthe distiller. It wasn’t because he was a (failed) movie director. It wasn’t because he dicked around with Tim & Eric. It wasn’t because he guested as a judge on Austrian talent shows. It wasn’t because he appeared as a “guest star” in shitty promo videos for Bruneian pop stars. It certainly wasn’t because he competed with Clive Owen, Gary Oldman, and James freakin’ Brown to see who could mug the camera the most during a 10 minute-long BMW commercial.

So, Manson, trim the fat. Ditch all that superfluous bullshit, and go back to being a rockstar again. We know why Manson decided to do those Eminem appearances (including that one you did at Reading Festival) – Eminem had stolen away his title of America’s Most Demonised Badboy, and he figured that if Marshall Mathers was going to namecheck you in a song, then he might as well get some of the glory too, right? That’s the attitude that had him write the lyric “Fuck making hits, I’m taking credit for the death toll” on ‘Arma-Goddamn-Motherfuckin-Geddon’, wasn’t it? He’s reduced himself to screaming LOOK AT ME! LOOK AT ME! LOOK AT ME! I AM IMPORTANT!, when previously he didn’t have to beg for attention – he got it regardless, simply for being Marilyn Manson.

2. Keep the fuck off Twitter.

Contrary to popular wisdom, engaging directly with his audience would be one of the worst possible moves for him at this stage. One of Manson’ attributes was that in an age of metal bands that wore baggy jeans and could talk about Eastenders in interviews, was that he was a full-on rockstar. His existence outside the reach of his audience was a crucial factor in building his mystique, and concurrently, his popularity. I don’t want to see him fucking RT’ing some half-assed observation about the weather in Los Angeles, or twitpic’ing some cameraphone snap of what he had for lunch. Manson works best when he’s not available – he needs to return to that.

But you know what this doesn’t mean? It doesn’t mean he has to post all those ridiculous pseudo-intellectual blogs that he likes to publish every now and again. Not only is the sporadic nature of them frustratingly half-arsed, but his sad little sixth-form level missives just paint him as an art-brat that never grew up. Drop that business ASAP.

3. Recognise that your “old tricks” will no longer work.

Although the Born Villain video really shows Marilyn Manson simply isn’t equipped to operate effectively in 2011, it was actually back in May 2007 that Manson first revealed his ineptitude at courting controversy in the age of the internet. The video for ’Heart-Shaped Glasses (When The Heart Guides The Hand)’ famously featured footage of what was – allegedly – Manson and his girlfriend, Evan Rachel Wood, actually having sex as opposed to merely simulating it for benefit of the camera.

Newsflash: this was four years after Paris Hilton’s sextape “leaked” onto the internet. Hell, it was twelve years after Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson’s sextape “leaked”. Watch celebrities have sex is no longer shocking. It’s not even titillating. It’s just a bit gross. Right now you are one Google-search away from every kind of porn imaginable. That it’s Marilyn Manson’s dick doing the fucking, well, if that floats your boat…but for the rest of us, it leaves us shrugging and saying, “so what?”

A few years later, obviously pissed at the flat reception The High End of Low was receiving, Manson released the video to ‘Running to the Edge of the World’, featuring his increasingly desperate attempts to stir up controversy by resorting to glamourising sexual violence (fast-forward to the end of the video if you can’t be bothered to watch Manson gurn through a veil for five minutes). The world at large saw the clip for what it was – a man unable to operate beyond the shock-doctrine that he’d seen himself as the master of for so long – and greeted the video with the deafening silence it deserved.

Manson’s career has undeniably been built on a bedrock of shock – from his band’s early antics of hanging piñatas filled with rotting meat above the mosh pit in dingy Florida nightclubs, to his willingness to wink and slap his arse at any Christian fundamentalist with a placard and penchant for sloganeering, poking the sacred bollocks of his antagonists has always been a keystone to the Manson modus operandi. But in a world where, Goatse, 2Girls1Cup, and all manner of internet obscenities are never more than two clicks of a hyperlink away, for him to keep pull such obvious tricks now just seems so….pedestrian. And that’s where the Born Villain video fails too – Manson and his current collaborator, Shia LaBoeuf, have crammed it so full of supposedly “shocking” imagery that they haven’t stopped to realise that this nonsense simply doesn’t mean anything anymore.

So what does Manson need to do, now his old tricks don’t work? Well….Manson needs to stop being juvenile. He needs to get back to being “the smartest guy in the room” of which Trent Reznor lamented his turning away from and into “a dopey clown”. Where has the Marilyn Manson that was the articulate heart of Bowling For Columbine gone? Bring him back.

4. Stop being a massive drunken, drugged-up, pie-eating dickhead, and heed your own advice.

In Manson’s excellent 1998 autobiography, The Long Hard Road Out Of Hell, Manson reflects on the subject of addiction at two key points in his band’s history. The first of these is at the start of the career, when the band’s then-bass player, Brad Stewart, overdosed on heroin, prompting Manson to declare “I couldn’t (and still can’t) tolerate someone who’s a fucking weakling living out of a spoon and a needle”. He later reflects – after suffering an overdose of his own during the recording sessions for Antichrist Superstar – of how he “managed to convince [himself] that [he] was not Brad Stewart, that [he] was still in control: this overdose would not be an epiphany or a wake-up call to straighten up. It was simply a mistake.” Back in 1996, Manson’s ideological position on the subject of addiction was clear, even if his practices fell short.

Fast forward to 2009 – he’s squawking about in fancy hotel rooms, drinking absinthe and making a tit of himself. He’s turning up at the BBC gacked up to the tits and talking even more bollocks. Manson’s alcoholism – cited by Dita von Teese as one of the major causes of the break-up of the marriage – was even held up by some critics as a reason why his live performances around this time were so much bobbins. To lift another quite from The Long Hard Road Out Of Hell, Manson once said, “I make no secret of my drug use. But at the same time I have nothing but contempt for anyone who is addicted to drugs” Can Manson still say that with a straight face?

But it’s not just with regards to drink and drugs that Manson’s been ignoring his own past advice. Going by what we’ve seen on his Born Villain video, Manson has discovered his inner thespian again, mindlessly regurgitating Shakespeare in between snippets of his new music. Need we remind you, Mr. Warner, that you formed a band so you could stop reading poetry? Granted, Shakespeare is a step up from ‘The Telephone’ and the other awful prose from his past that he sneered at during The Long Hard Road Out Of Hell, but that’s still no excuse to wallow in Shakespeare now he’s “made it”. The clumsy, self-aggrandising quotations from Macbeth in LaBeouf’s Born Villain video just shows him up as another musician who secretly wishes he could be an actor too. Get back to the matter at hand – that of being a motherfucking rockstar.

Oh, and stay off the Gregg’s pasties, Manson, no matter how much you like them. For a man who built so much of his career on image, he didn’t half let himself go at one point.

5. Remember what made your “classic” albums….classic.

Okay. Here we are. The Big One. What made Manson’s triumvirate of Antichrist SuperstarMechanical Animals, and Holy Wood work so well? All three of these records – musically, lyrically, and aesthetically – were unified around solid, identifiable, powerful concepts. That’s why the piss all over everything he’s done since.

Now I know some of you are probably thinking “but The Golden Age Of Grotesque had a concept!” Well, you’re partially right, but you’re also very, very wrong. It had – at best – half a concept. Sure, it had an over-abundance of visual and aesthetic ideas that filled the album, but musically and lyrically it was a divided beast. Occasionally it would allow this theme to seep through to the songs musically or lyrically – the title track, Doll-Dagga Buzz-Buzz Ziggety-Zag’, and even ‘Vodevil’, manage this – but for the most part it was chop’n’change Manson-by numbers.

Watch this and try to deny Manson had anything on the brain other than Dita von Teese:

But here’s the rub – the real nasty truth that Manson fans shy away from confronting: what if Manson doesn’t have the necessary inspiration to do this? And even worse – what if he never had? Now hear me out – Manson has always latched on to succession of external muses to provide him with inspiration. If we go back through almost his entire career, we can plot it out. Only Portrait of an American Family – the record most overlooked by Manson aficionados – can truly claim to dodge this accusation with the fewest wounds. Sure, there were Manson’s early obsessions with Willy Wonker, Charles Manson, and all the thickset anti-TVangelism vibes, but these obsessions came from him. This was his first real release – it was the one he’d had his whole life to write up till that point. Likewise Smells Like Children sidesteps this problem, exists as a halfway-house record between Portrait and what would follow.

Manson’s real enthrallment to his muses comes with Antichrist Superstar. Here Manson was well and truly under the spell of two men – Anton Szandor LaVey and Trent Reznor. To this day, Manson fans fill up internet messageboards urging their musical hero to reunite with Reznor, as if a mere meeting of minds between the two could replicate the success of this record. The sad fact of the matter is though that those days are long past – for both Manson and Reznor. Not only have they both moved on musically – Reznor especially, from his Downward Spiral days – but those “dopey clown” statements made by Reznor put paid to this partnership, once and for all. A re-unification of this team now would merely result in a disappointing mess. And as for LaVey…well…he’s dead.

Mechanical Animals was Manson’s Hollywood glitz album – it was the one that saw him cemented as part of American pop culture, rather than as some frightful bogeyman character living outside it. He appeared on MTV Award show skits, got parodied in South Park, and was rendered safe. It’s little wonder that during the period he was most concerned with the trappings of celebrity, it was Bowie’s celebrated superstar alien, Ziggy Stardust, and Manson’s then-beau, the enfant terrible of the red carpet, Rose McGowan, whom he held in such high stead during this period.

Everyone and anyone started taking the piss out of Manson in ’98:

Despite the obvious external influence of the Columbine High School shootings, Holy Wood dodges this curse somewhat. It is by far the most collaborative record in the Marilyn Manson discography, with more band members sharing songwriting credits here than on most of their previous records put together. As the final part of Manson’s trilogy of “classic” albums, it stands head and shoulders above what was to follow as one of Manson’s better works.

The Golden Age Of Grotesque was Manson firmly under the thumb of Dita von Teese and Tim Skold – and so transparently so, too. I doubt there was anyone who believed it was a co-incidence that Manson created a Weimar-ish exercise in tawdry vaudeville during the same period he was wooing (and subsequently, hooking up with) the world’s most famous burlesque performer. The thick-set, brutish stabs of industrial that peek out every now and again paint a clear roadmap to Skold, who leaves what’s left of this record irrevocably stained with his throwback Skinny Puppy gestures.

Eat Me, Drink Me saw Manson playing at being a shadowy uncle figure, with the spectre of his blossoming relationship with the barely-past-jailbait Evan Rachel Wood reducing it to a caricature of a toothless, pervy old man, lamenting over what he used to be capable of. The High End of Low, similarly, was a shallow reflection of the bitter spats of American introspection and occult bear-baiting that Manson had indulged in on Holy Wood and Antichrist Superstar. And just why was Manson feeling nostalgic for those times? Could it have had something to do with the return to the Manson-fold of his chief musical collaborator from that time, Twiggy Ramirez? Once again, Manson’s output seemed listless, self-referential to his own history, and lacking in any pointed barbs of its own. It was all second-hand outrage, all wrapped up in new artwork.

And now? Well, now he’s BFFs with Shia LaBeouf. Well……shit. Are we going to get a re-tread of Mechanical Animals-style musings on the nature of fame? Are we going to get an album made by a man so rapidly and crushingly aware on his ongoing obsolescence that he’s latched onto the latest Hollywood youngling in an effort to re-grasp the lost youth of both his fame and his audience? Maybe there is another muse – one yet unseen – that has provided him with renewed focus? We can but wait.

Obviously, with Born Villain already recorded, the public relations campaign already in motion, and a release date set for the first quarter of 2012, it is far too late for Manson to fix his forthcoming album if it is – as we fear – already broken. He’s got little choice but to ride it out now, and bear the consequences of whatever it is that’s he’s crafted. Who knows – maybe he has created a new record that is going to rejuvenate him for this new decade. Then again, the evidence suggests that he hasn’t, in which case….

6. When all else fails, tell the whole world “F**k you”

If he’s gonna fail, I’d like him to at least fail like the man who wrote and sang “I wasn’t born with enough middle-fingers” – not this limp clown of a figure that Manson in 2011 has become.

Hugh Platt holds relatively little hope that the new Marilyn Manson album will live up to those of a decade ago, but he lives in hope. Manson fans, please feel free to point out all the “stupid” mistakes he has made in the above article in the comments section down below. We’ll make extra-special effort not to ignore them this time around.


  • Designosaur

    Not a Manson fan, so I won’t be posting any mistakes relating to him, but perhaps someone ought to proof-read this article. Grammatical, spelling, and perspective mistakes abound.

    • And your statement above pretty much proves why you’re not someone who would fit in to their targeted audience.  Someday…Manson will return.  

    • ajay

      Dude even his live music isnt as hardcore as it use to be he turned into this musshy fag instead of tht hardcore dude he wunce was

  • Mansonite

    This article is TO-THE-FUCKING-T! I used to be quite the hardcore Manson fan up until Holy Wood. Everything after that simply failed to maintain the Mansonite within me. Great article! I wish Mr Manson would read it and catch a wake up call.

  • Gary J

    I agree he should have stayed underground and did the rare public appearance every now & again. It looks like he’s doing favors for friends by being in their crappy videos.
    Here’s another one I found. Looks like some public access type show.

    • Mansonite

      That’s desperation! Quite hilarious though.

    • Do you even know who David Fleischer is? It’s fucking Roget Rabbit. Not to mention this isn’t a public show that you watch on TV this was web exclusive. Which means technically it is underground right? Besides Manson’s idea as a band was to creatively pollute the mainstream to begin with. Don’t you think we needed something like this to save the music industry? 

    • Dead Astronaut

      I was angry with this.

      I tuned in specifically hoping for some educated conversation about the new album and about some of the questions on everyone’s mind (i.e Who’s replacing Ginger Fish on the album? Guitarist? What about Madonna Wayne Gacy, where the fuck is that guy now!? and so forth)
      But no. I was met with an hour of bullshit. I didn’t find anything about it amusing and was beyond disappointed. I’ve been a fan from the very beginning and always will be, but I really would like to see him smarten up a bit. I know there’s an educated, incredibility talented man still in there somewhere. 

      • It took you an hour to read this!?! Jesus

      • greyism

        I’m guessing it didn’t, that he also watched the many videos posted as well.

  • Danyporcela

    Pero que dice el gilipollas este de manson que tipo de periodista no tiene ni idea del artista para criticarlo, es increible, alaaaaaaaaaaa libre desahogo al que le de, la gana

    • Jimmy Bates

      I hear ya brother.

  • I miss his old stuff so much. I wish I was older so I could’ve seen him live back then. I really hope that Born Villain is a good album that’s heavy and offensive and blasphemous. 

  • I didn’t realize that Manson needed your advice. Especially since his last album was number 5 on the charts. Why save something that isn’t dying to begin with?

    • hairy_man1

      I love that if someone slags off a popular artist the first piece of defence anyone gives is “it sold a lot”. So does Cheryl Cole but I’m sure we’re both in agreement that she’s shit.

      • You cannot tell someone their career has ended if they never stopped making music to begin with. It’s just a dumb founded accusation. 

    • Jimmy Bates

      So you must think Taylor Swift is the greatest artist of this era- seeing as she sells way more albums than anyone else. I don’t find that album sales validate or indicate artistic merit- I see you do. Personally I don’t think Taylor Swift’s “work” has artistic merit- I see you do.

  • So nice article!!.. I got the T-Shirt from GG&G Tour which shows all of the 3 BEST albums of his… Omega on the middle, mercury right and shock symbol left. Good old times (there were even some Satanists looking in his show and it was kinda scary).. Yeah its so sad what he have become, i used to collect alot of the fan stuff, but now i feel dissapointed having all of them,, advertising/showing people these old items,, i used to be fan… But look at this new shit… Born Willain was the last piece of shit, even Gaog was bad…. I tough first that born willain is a joke for real.. Who could direct some teenager stuff like that, cmon…. He should make some Beatles stuff/ Something else new and innovative, instead of “Shocking” films. The shocking time ended in Hollywood era… 

  • Liz

    I’m a huge Manson fan…but I completely agree. It depresses me daily that I never got to see the angry, skinny, artist that loved to piss people off with his hard music live. I guess I’ll have to settle with the mellow, shadowy one…
    But I have hope, just no real expectations.

    • Liz

      But in reference to the “underground” thing, he’s doing a great job telling us NOTHING about the new album. I don’t think he’s being too publicly involved at all. AND, as a painter, I find his artwork very good. Not crappy, at all.

  • He can’t do the same things every time he makes a record. What would be the point in making music if you brought up the same things over and over again?

    • Jimmy Bates

      That’s precisely what the article is criticizing- that he’s just rehashing his own art- that he’s became a caricature or himself. Maybe you should actually read it next time. Nice try though, please play again.

  • greyism

    As much as I hate it, this article is dead-on. I love Manson to death but I miss the old music and the old Manson quite a bit. I do think evolving is inevitable, but I wish he would not move so far away from what made him great.

  • Teenabyrd

    Marilyn Manson is best at manifesting his own art then delivering or illuminating another’s message. He’s too much MAN to play puppet….He has to be God! Marilyn Manson makes art. Everything/one else is momentary due to absorption in their own individualized egos which lack depth of perception which is gained througg culture: Tolerance/diversity is a tool of the devil. Looking Glass People
    Teena Byrd Don’t change Marilyn Manson. The snake was feared by the Ancients for it’s immortality. -I shed the skin to feed the fake. Put me in his lap with his cock athrust inside me. 11 plus 4 equals 15: The Devil, manifest….Shemhemforash! Hail Satan!

  • Pigs3littleones

    So the 45 fans of Marilyn Manson all showed up to read the article……… Please.  guy was a hack then, is a hack now.   To most, at least as I perceive it, Manson was always a joke.  Day one.  Wrote a couple of catchy scream songs with good riffs.  The rest has always been laughable.

    • Jimmy Bates

      Steven Adler, is that you? I thought I recognized your childish prose. Welcome back from your latest drug coma.

  • You’re a moron, so what if he’s fat? Since when was music about looks? Dickhead.

    • Jimmy Bates

      You could argue that Manson’s entire career was borne out of aesthetic imagery- i.e. looks.

      • Userfriendly

        Yes, but I don’t see how that’s relevant to what he looks like? Although he has had stage performances of him dressing differently in each eras, it has never really been affected by the music itself or the storyline of the 3 albums.

  • tatty_teddy97

    wtf this is a bit harsh you must admit.Who stays the same after 10 fucking years? Otherwise you’d get bored. Don’t act like you understand what he’s done with his newer songs because it’s obvious you don’t.

    • Fucking THANK YOU! Oh my God, someone had something smart to say! I was really hoping I was not the only one who understood the depth in his songs!

           Holy shit, 10 years and you expect the guy to stay the same? Shit happens, right now, he’s happy with himself. No girl to fuck him over, (a whole bunch of death-threats though), but all in all, back the fuck off. How about YOU, the author of this article, take the goddamn time it took you to write this quarter-wit spelling fuckover and try to go through all the horrible things HE had gone through in his life, and still turn out the same. Yeah, just try. When you’ve gone through all of your girlfriends using you, most likely abusing you, and forever breaking your heart, having shitty articles like THIS ONE actually criticizing your WEIGHT of all things, and lastly having your one-of-a-kind songs’ and paintings’ (which are fantastic) meanings demolished, let’s just watch you break down. At least Brian has his dignity, LOOKS, and talent.

      Can’t wait for Born Villian. Love the title <3 

      • Angel Of Bondage69

        I agree! This article fucking pissed me off.. I had the same thing go through my head as you did. Thank you. Born villain is the fucking shit!!!!

      • Jimmy Bates

        I love reading fanboy vitriol like yours

      • Jimmy Bates

        Actually he’s lost his dignity, never had looks (I take it you missed the irony and point of “Beautiful People”), but I do suspect his talent still resides somewhere beneath his foggy drug haze. I hope I get to witness it again one day- I haven’t since Holywood.

    • Jimmy Bates

      Why don’t you tell us Mr. Fanboy.

  • MMuttermeister

    Everyone evolves-Manson however, evolved for the worse. Its a bit like what happened to Mettalica
    Used to be a big fan, but now hes just a try-hard

  • NotEvenAfan

    Hi did his bit. It’s well done. Karma status already reached years ago. He is allowed to play with the assets now. – You author, you are nothing than a little wanker, wanking in your hidden box about the things you see through the little hole. Poor little man. Get your own life

    • Jimmy Bates

      All you fanboys showed up late. Better be on time next time. The fact that the haters got here first demonstrates the devolving state of your deity’s work. Nice try though, please play again.

    • EroticKnifeplay

      I’d play with his assets 😉

  • Manson is a AWESOME ROCK STAR. HE IS UNIQUE!! SPECIAL!!! and nothing that you do or say will change that!!! 

    • Jimmy Bates

      Nothing he does or says will- but what Manson himself does and says will and has changed that.

  • Eatmebitches.

    I love Manson but this is all so true. Where the hell did the Antichrist Superstar rock n roll bad ass go? Maybe its because of age..maybe it was due to depression..who knows. All I know is hes changed and until he finds his REAL self again I dont think his newer albums are going to sell. Im a big fan, a TRUE fan but come on we all have to admit hes changed and we all miss the rockstar badass he was:/

    • Jimmy Bates

      Only country music records sell these days- thats why rock artists are slaves to touring and don’t have the time to evolve and grow as artists. They’re slave to the grind- if they want to pay the mortgages on their houses and yachts anyway.

      • EroticKnifeplay

        Country music? Really? I don’t know a damn soul that listens to country music.

  • Faraz

    Thank you for writing this article, friend. It is perfect in every way possible and I agree with everything you said.  I remember back in 1995 when I purchased Portrait and Smells like Children together from a used record store.  I was 14 years old at the time and cant begin to describe how much I loved the music. When Antichrist came out a year later I was convinced that my life was pretty much over since nothing could possibly give me even HALF the pleasure that I got from that CD.  At that time he was mysterious, articulate, and just plain fucking cool! Internet use became common in the years that followed and as a result his mystery faded.  It seemed that everytime he got a little spotlight on him it became more and more apparant that he was possibly a moron. He was definitely capable of achieving that initial attraction that allowed him to get women like Rose McGowan and Dita Von Teese but as they got to know him they realized he’s lame and they left. Kinda like many of his old skool fans. I’m not sure if you’re familiar with who Rozz Williams is, but if you are then you can see who Manson was trying to imitate as far back as the video for Sweet Dreams.

    • Jimmy Bates

      Either you didn’t read the article, or you did and missed the point, or you can’t read. Nice try though, please play again.

  • Marina

    I concur with every single word…well, except ‘the shitty painter’. He’s expressive and at least recognizable amongst the contemporary art!

  • This is so fucking true. I would kill to have been able to go see him at his old shows. He just shows so much emotion and rebellion….Now it’s all ‘catchy pop lyrics’ and bizarre outfits. I often watch videos of his old concerts and notice how phenomenal he was

    • Jimmy Bates

      catchy pop lyrics and bizarre outfits? That’s what it was then too- he just delivered the music more artfully and passionately.


    Whom ever wrote this article is a hater not a fan, also MM is not dying. He is prospering well. He doesn’t need your stupid ideology to go on. So shut up.

    • Jimmy Bates

      How articulate- more blind fanboy worship. “He’s awesome, so shut up.” I guess you can’t argue with that kind of logic- sounds like the lyrics to a recent Manson song.

  • Nancy Fish

    I’ve been a Manson fan since I was in the 3rd grade. His music has been with me through the good and the bad. He is not dying, but even if he was, I would still be there loving the true artist that he is, all the same.

  • Bradifilth

    i am a boob c:

  • xc

    I hate Dita and alcohol. the worst influences for Manson.

  • MissErotic

    Yes, his changes have been terrible 🙁 I understand that almost every artist changes over time, but what he is doing know is not as good as the albums he did in the past. Now, when I listen to his music I do not recognize him and also when I look at his new pics, he does not even look like him o.O
    I love him, but definetely, I prefer the Manson from MM and the Spooky kids to holy wood

  • bloodylover24

    I am a Marilyn Manson fan & I have been & will stay a loyal fan.

  • Patti Morey

    I believe you have shaped a ‘reality’ that just isn’t there. Marilyn Manson joining with Eminem onstage was perfect. Plus, the commentators here are saying the strangest things. Everything they say is completely contrary to what Marilyn Manson represents. I.e.: our First Amendment rights, our freedom of speech, and not letting the media and others control you. I think you might be bots here, but anyway Mairiyn Manson says what he wants and he always is gracious or fervent, profound or funny I really admire how he always stays amiable – like, even when he is saying f.u. to the paparazzi it sounds friendly and amusing!

    • Jimmy Bates

      Completely non-sensical comment. You completely contradict yourself and then end up just illustrating the article’s contentions anyway. I don’t think Manson became a rock star because he was “friendly and amusing” to paparazzi. Nice try though, please play again.

      • umad

        Cool story bruh!

  • victor

    I’m a bit late, apologies.
    So, I have this to ask the op.
    You don’t recognize that the opinions built around art are subjective? I know people who say Elvis sucked, while millions disagree to the point of violence. Some say manson always sucked, some say he never sucked, and some say he used to be good but sucks now. I’m not going to state my opinion, I just wanted to know why people like you see subjective opinion as objective fact.

  • Ben Caesar

    Manson is history

  • ForeverConfused

    I’ve kinda been feeling a bit bad about being a fan of his for a while. I find it weird how one day I checked his Twitter page, not amused. It seems self centered even for him. And he only posts about once a month, the rest are retweets. I’m actually more of a fan of the truly talented ones in the band. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love Manson and all, but I’d rather meet Twiggy. He seems much nicer than Manson. But something about his music keeps dragging me back. Maybe I should seek help.

  • Thelastdon

    The problem with so called artists like Marilyn Manson is that the fans “kids” grow up. We then see these “artists” for what they really are “clowns.” We laugh at ourselves and are perplexed that we ever thought these clowns were cool.

    • Alana Cicchi

      Maybe those like you do that, but I first saw MM live in 1995 when he opened for Danzig.I am now 39, then I was 18-19, and I still feel exactly the same. I still am a fan. Actually like him more today than I did back then. I really dislike that artists change their style, they do it because the same thing cannot keep being redone forever. Danzig also did this and got ridiculed, tried electronic albums, etc. Slower stuff, classical, I live it ALL. M Manson changed his style many times, did covers, etc. And his newest stuff is some of my favorite. Also,tons of rockstars use drugs, and alcohol. People try blaming that, but it has nothing to do with talent and in many cases, actually improved the music made through inspiration. He is doing just fine as is. I’d like to see all these critical folks try and create some music at all, let alone sell millions of CDs. I give the man the credit he deserves, and do not find him silly, at 18 nor at almost 40 years old now. Age means nothing anyway.

  • bauhauzz

    Im the same age as m manson i think its great that he did those doors shows the elders of goth and im not suprised rose mcgowan knew the late rozz williams of c d manson started out as a humor metal coreist with the spooky kids in the 80s ever hear of she males from phila.

  • Dorothy B

    Six years later, Hugh Platt (whoever he is) still wrong and still a cunt.

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