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October 22nd, 2011

Bad Band Photos 007: The Rods

You know the occasional but regular furore that arises when an already beautiful actress/model/chanteuse is airbushed to within an inch of her butt crack for a big magazine cover shoot? That’s how we feel about this promo photo from The Rods.

The Rods
From: The United States Of America
Actually from: The United States Of Embarrassment
Age: 61 (pre photoshop), 36 (post photoshop)
Cringe factor: 4/6

When The Rods split up in 1986 some people feared it would be the day heavy metal died. Luckily for us, this was not the case. Heavy metal perservered and gave birth to a new exciting movement of bands including Crowbar, Cannibal Corpse and Winger. So when The Rods reformed in 2008 and began writing for a new album, it was major step in their career. And of course, a major step means that all-important photo shoot…

the rods bad band photo thrash hits

Behold, The Rods today in all their glory. IN ALL THEIR CRIMSON GLORY. What started out a fairly decent picture of the band in leather has now turned into a Photoshop Fail up there with the very worst we have seen. The members that still have hair have been airbrushed to look about 24 years old, whilst the older looking fatter guy stands on the left like a proud Dad who never missed an episode of Top Gear. The other two have been treated to an almost painting-like quality, much like some of our favourite portraits of Richard III. Don’t believe us? Behold, Richard III IN ALL HIS CRIMSON GLORY. See what we mean?

the rods richard III thrash hits



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