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October 13th, 2011

Iceland Airwaves 2011: Day 01 and it’s wet and windy but NOT too cold. Hooray!

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Oh, Reykjavik, how we’ve missed you. The rain, the wind, the fizzy, fizzy lager and the inevitable hangover. Obviously we trivialise our awful, globe-trotting, rock-watching lives by focusing on the things people moan about on Twitter every day but Iceland Airwaves 2011 is here. We are there and we’ve already seen some bands and drunk beers. Lots of expensive beers.

Band of the day – We Made God
Sounds like: Biffy Clyro, Deftones, Sigur Ros

Our band of the day is local post-rockers, We Made God. They played an unexpectedly acoustic show as the four-piece were expecting a PA in the venue but they adapted quickly enough and played a shortened set nonetheless. Frontman, Magnús Bjarni Gröndal wails his way – occasionally a capella – through the atmospheric riffs of Arnór Jónasson well enough but their full show, which we’ve seen before, sounds enormous. Obviously, we’ll see them rock out properly tonight.

They released their debut album, As We Sleep in 2008 and the follow up, It’s Getting Colder earlier in 2011, but you should go and pick up their brand new EP, Fragments. It’s absolutely 100 per cent free and you can get it from their website They’ve toured the UK in the past. Get this awesome band out there enough and they might come play near you again. It’s how it works.

Iceland rock history

Mínus are Icelandic rock royalty. Having started out as a ferocious metal band in 1999 with their debut album, Hey, Johnny! they stunned (certain parts of) the world with the atmospheric, experimental hardcore of Jesus Christ, Bobby the year later. Over a decade later Jesus Christ, Bobby is still one of the best heavy albums in my collection.

I remember walking out of York Fibbers in March 2002 disoriented and deaf. They’d scribbled stuff about Iggy Pop and Cave In all over my copy of JCB. I couldn’t have been happier. They’d played with Charger and Matter. It was what Kerrang! tours used to be like. Here’s a song off Jesus Christ, Bobby.

Only Björk is a bigger local personality than frontman, Krummi Björgvinsson. He’s a bona fide superstar. He’s always got three projects on the go and he’s even played the lead role in Jesus Christ Superstar.

Like all the finest artists, Mínus have changed their sound with every album and their third, Halldór Laxness took on a rock ‘n’ roll vibe. If the relentless screaming and tumultuous distorted guitars of their older work is a bit much for you, check out this video.

Mínus have got a new album, KOL coming out later in 2011. There is very little chance of it being rubbish.

Culinary bonus
Casually chatting about a foal sandwich (yes, a baby horse) while eating one of Metallica’s favourite hotdogs. No big deal.

Genuine disappointment of the day
Our whale watching expedition has been cancelled because it’s too windy. We’ll just eat a whale kebab instead. That’ll be the same. Yeah…

More tomorrow, whether you like it or not.


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