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October 14th, 2011

Iceland Airwaves 2011: Day 02 and it got colder

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It’s the morning of Day 03 so it’s time to try and remember all the terrible things that went on yesterday in our non-waterproof trainers. If there was ever a country you want to be wearing shoes that don’t leak, it’s Iceland. Damn our soggy feet and all the awesome parties they made puddles in.

Also, we got a ride into town with Endless Dark and they played us some new songs. We had a mini #carm0sh.

Band of the day – Swords of Chaos
Sounds like: Converge, Minus, interesting hardcore
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Just like We Made God yesterday, we’ve seen Swords Of Chaos a few times now over the past couple of years but they’ve become quite the band now. They’ve added real intensity and musicianship to the passion and invention that already existed. Now their carefully constructed noise – their deafening riffs and pure vocal catharsis – really comes alive on a stage. There’s room on record for another dimension of spacious atmospherics but live, it’s beautifully unrelenting fury. In a world flooded with generic music, Swords Of Chaos are not just another hardcore band. Just listen to this.

Honorable mention: Deathcrush
If we didn’t know better, the name would’ve fooled us into thinking we were going to see an awesome Norwegian black metal band. Obviously, we know this trio mix avant garde metal with riot girl and no wave with a mass of delicious pop. It’s a winner. Deathcrush are fucking cool and they played an awesome show despite everything breaking. Well done, them.

Iceland rock history – HAM

These goth rockers will definitely appeal to fans of Rammstein but after forming in 1988, Björk said HAM were her favourite Icelandic band. Despite her kind words, the band never made it big overseas. This may have been due to their… interesting interview technique which displayed their distaste for the press. During one interview they allegedly replied to every question with, “Shirley Bassey is a mythic troll,” and then pissed in the sink. Twice.

They lasted just six years before splitting up but got back together briefly in 2001. Then in 2006 they got back together properly and they just released a new album, Svik, harmur & dauði. Obviously, that means “Betrayal, Sorrow & Death”. Chill out, lads. Actually don’t. Just don’t piss in my sink.

Totally agree about Shirley Bassey as well.

Culinary bonus
We ate the best fish and chips ever. Finding its way into my extremely happy belly was haddock on a mango salad with fried potatoes and a lime and coriander yoghurt sauce made of an Icelandic dairy product called skyr. It’s very, very unlikely that they’d fry a Mars bar for you.

Genuine disappointment of the day
While folk metallers Skálmöld are actually on tour across Europe at the moment, there’s doesn’t seem to be any good reason why Sólstafir aren’t playing Airwaves. Especially considering they’ve just released one of the best metal albums of the year with Svartir Sandar.

Even more tomorrow. Again, you have no choice.


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