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October 15th, 2011

Iceland Airwaves 2011: Day 03 and it rained. Oh how it rained.

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So we dried off, went to a fashion show and bought a stuffed puffin. Obviously, we also saw a dozen bands. Hangover: off: Report: on.

Band of the day – Endless Dark
Sounds like: Bring Me The Horizon, The Devil Wears Prada, Enter Shikari

We just wrote about Endless Dark just last week because they’re quite awesome. True to form they were bloody good last night. Vocalist, Victor is versatile and consistent throughout while the incessant beatdowns from the band almost get the notoriously non-m0shy Icelandic audience off their feet. Four of the six members have tattooed their hands before they’ve even finished their sleeves. That takes a certain kind of dedication.

Honorable mention: Dimma
Oof. Here’s some proper old school metal. Leather wristbands, ahoy! This band is probably the complete antithesis of Endless Dark but I’m pretty sure both bands know this.

Honorable mention: Cliff Clavin
The QotSA influences are still there to be heard but there’s much more to them these day. They mix their overpowering riffs with some moments of true subtlety. It’s good.

Honorable mention: For A Minor Reflection
This lot are famous for the Sigur Ros connections and the generally wistful, introspective post-rock noodlings but they played a new song at Airwaves 2011 and it was totally rocking. Maybe this is a new direction? Who knows, but it sounded absolutely massive. They had the luxury of stunning visuals and a light show to maximise their powers as well. Great band.

Honorable mention: Caterpillarmen
A crazy teenage prog band who are on their third album already. It’s old school and weird but one of them has a massive afro so we’ll let them off.

Culinary bonus
Pickled herring done three ways followed up by a reindeer burger? Amazing Icelandic food “with a modern twist”. Islenski Barinn is the one.

Genuine disappointment of the day
The Solstafir disappointment of yesterday has been proved false. They’re playing the album back tonight. Totally gonna watch that shit. Helllll yes.

An evening of metal await. OH YEAH. Read all about it tomorrow at some point.


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