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October 16th, 2011

Iceland Airwaves 2011: Day 04 and there was METAL

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Iceland Airwaves is traditionally a very cool festival with very cool bands. Iceland’s got loads of awesome metal bands though, and they’re more often the ones that tour overseas. That’s what WE care about. Luckily, Saturday had a whole day of it in a biker bar called Amsterdam. And yes, there’s an Iceland Chapter of the Hell’s Angels.

Band of the day: Muck
Sounds like: Converge, Sonic Youth, The Dillinger Escape Plan
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Sometimes you come across a band who is so exciting that you just have to find out everything about them immediately. It just happened with Muck. I know we spoke about Swords Of Chaos like they were an awesome experimental hardcore band in the vein of Converge et al, but Muck blew them out of the discordant, furious water.

While some blues guitarists use a beer bottle as a slide, Muck’s lanky blonde axeman used a Macbook. It probably wasn’t an affront to the Apple masses but it was just another touch of eccentric class that just made Muck that bit better, that bit rowdier, that bit more fucking awesome than every other band around.

As exciting as this recording is, I’m going to point out just how much heavier they were live. Can’t wait to see this band again. Well done, Iceland. You’ve done it again. And again… ?

Other band of the day: Angist
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Yes, there were TWO amazing new heavy bands at Iceland Airwaves 2011. This is Angist. It’s dark, thrashy, black metal and it’s bloody brilliant. You will struggle not to headbang to their music. Their major selling point, however, is always going to be their singer. Edda is one of the most terrifying people I’ve ever seen on a stage. Obviously, she was absolutely lovely offstage but she commands her stage incredibly well.

They’ve already been out and about winning Battle of the Band competitions and playing a couple of high profile support
slots so Angist could prove to be one of Iceland’s major exports in years to come. Their new EP is also awesome. Bang your head.

Very honorable mention: Momentum

We actually got this band’s demo off their hulking, ginger bassist/vocalist, Hörður in 2010 but their equally hulking metal only found its way into our ears this year. They just toured France with Angist and play awesome mathy, doom metal in the vein of Gojira, Mastodon and Cult of Luna. They’re good names to be associated with. Right? Yeah, sometimes we fuck up and find out about things later than we ought to. We got there eventually.

Culinary bonus
We ate puffin. It tasted of liver. We went and got another slice of pepperoni.

Genuine disappointment of the day
Seeing a bunch of “lads” walk in during Angist, see a female singer, start laughing and walk out. Idiots. Seeing local moshcore band, Endless Dark playing an acoustic set was a close second. Might have to introduce a new question to future Future Hits: “How would your band sound acoustic?”

Plus we saw Solstafir play ONE song. PAH.


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