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October 19th, 2011

Live: Mastodon on Later… with Jools Holland @ BBC – 18 October 2011

Mastodon 2011 promo photo Thrash Hits

Ok, so it’s not really a proper Mastodon gig but nevertheless you’d be barking mad to turn down seeing them play songs off The Hunter for the first time on these shores. Whilst many rock artists have had the privilege of being invited on this prestigious show, the world of metal has often been criminally ignored. Of course we had to head down and represent. Get in, Jools Holland!

Things we found out when we went to see Mastodon on Jools Holland:

1) Tonight we only get to hear Mastodon play two songs (each performed twice) – but it was well worth the trip down. ‘Black Tongue’ sounds absolutely colossal live and as expected it’s the marriage of Brann Dailor’s frantic drumming style and the constant barrage of molten riffs that makes this so powerful.

2) ‘Curl Of The Burl’ sounds equally impressive in a more bluesy / stoner rock way. If you think about it, the vocal lines aren’t that far off bands like Queens Of The Stone Age – which gives this song a catchiness you wouldn’t normally associate with Mastodon.

3) If this is how good they sound playing two songs in a TV studio, that UK tour in February is going to be something quite special indeed. It’s about time we got to see this band headline Academy-sized venues.

4) The other artists on tonight’s show are Feist, Bon Iver, Ben L’Oncle Soul, Buddy Greco and Lianne La Havas. It could be a lot worse, we could have been made to sit through U2 and Coldplay to get to the good stuff. As you can imagine, the juxtaposition against “lighter” forms of music made Mastodon sound heavier. We like heavy. Heavy is good.

5) It was quite interesting watching Mastodon watch the other artist’s performances. Brent in particular was quite impressed by the mad skills of Buddy Greco’s double bass player. You can tell this band were pretty stoked about being here tonight.

6) It’s free to get in. There’s a bar and a place to stand in front of musicians, some better than others. Apply here

Catch the extended Later… with Jools Holland on Friday, 21 October 2011 at 11.50pm. You’ll be able to watch Mastodon performing both songs.



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