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October 10th, 2011

Live & Photos: Enter Shikari, Your Demise + letlive. @ Paris La Glazart – 01 October 2011

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We were in Paris on our holidays, looking at massive art installations at 3am when we realised that Enter Shikari were playing in the City of Love with letlive. and Your Demise. Obviously we had to go and make some sort of non-French enclave happen. We did it. The 300 capacity La Glazart was the hottest venue we’ve ever had the misfortune of seeing a band in. Cor. Then Matt Thomas caught the tour in Liverpool and took some photos. BONG!

Six things we found out when we saw Enter Shikari in Paris:

1) Metal and hardcore really isn’t that big in France and that a lot of European rock tours don’t even bother stopping in Paris because the demand is so low. One chap explained that it’s all David Guetta’s fault. Interesting theory. Blame David Guetta.

2) letlive. are one of the best live bands around. Read what we think of them by clicking this. We’re not going to write it all out again. That would be silly.

3) Your Demise aren’t exactly the most spectacular of bands but they do Unspectacular really, really well. Their straight-up hardcore goes down a storm. There are people leaving the room actually wringing their tshirts out. Gross.

Enter Shikari perform in Liverpool, UK with support from letlive and Your Demise. © Matt Thomas

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Enter Shikari perform in Liverpool, UK with support from letlive and Your Demise. © Matt Thomas

4) Paris crowds really don’t go that wild. Many bands have complained about the London crowds being a “fold your arms and nod your head” kinda bunch but the Paris audience were much happier standing on the spot, applauding and apologising if and when they walked into you. It was weird and awesome. Je t’aime you too, you froggy bastards.

5) Enter Shikari really benefit from their light show to be fully effective. They didn’t have it with them on the mainland but the UK’s getting it. So go and see them. It’s green and massive. Like a monster.

6) By the sounds of the new songs, this album’s going to make them even bigger. Obviously, we saw the effect of them playing ‘Quelle Surprise’ at Dingwalls in June but this was another level. It’s just a shame that the likes of Asking Alexandria and Bring Me The Horizon have come along late doors and stolen their thunder, but that’s life.


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