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October 16th, 2011

Live & Photos: Netherbird, De Profundis, Rosicrucian + Beyond the Pain @ London Camden The Unicorn – 08 October 2011

Netherbird Von Camden Unicorn Thrash Hits

With Summer ever ebbing away, darkness decending ever earlier and the promise of cold nights ahead, a young man’s thoughts turn to freezing riffs and makeup. So with pint in hand we sent Von to check out Beyond The Pain, Rosicrucian, De Profundis and Netherbird at the Unicorn.

6 things we learned that night at The Unicorn:

1) Peach coloured ties and metal really don’t mix. I don’t care how good your solos are Mr Guitar Player for Beyond The Pain, or the fact that you’re French. No once can pull off a bizarre shirt and tie combo and rock out. Your band may have a nice line in entertaining sub-Opeth quiet-loud riffing, but all I could think about was the tie.

2) Post Black Metal is no longer solely the realm of New York hipsters and Scandinavian experimentalists. Bristol’s Rosicrucian have entered the fray in fine style. When they hit their stride their guitars form a discordant orchestra, mesmerizing and evocative, without any hint of pretentiousness. Great stuff.

3) De Profundis take their pre gig warm up SERIOUSLY. I’m pretty sure I witnessed some P90X before they hit the stage. Decked out in matching leather strides and coming out to the Bond Theme (The Bond theme?! I love an overblown intro tape as much as the next guy, but the Bond Theme?! It’s one step away from the Pink Panther) they had better be good. If not, they are going to end up with egg all over their faces.

4) Thank fuck that De Profundis are good. One of those bands that throws together bits of Death, Thrash, Black and whatever other metals they feel like, along with the odd bit of jazz and classic rock; they look like a well honed live machine. Hard to catagorise, but a less spiky Usurper is my lazy description.

5) The usual smells of a metal gig (sweat, beer and more sweat) are replaced with a thick haze of Nag Champa as Netherbird hit the stage. The smell may be sweet, but the band sure aren’t. Where as a band like Rosicrucian take the ‘atmospheric’ bits of Black Metal and run with it, Netherbird take the bits that simply kick ass and blow them up into a set. Might upset the purists, but you can’t argue with all the swirling hair and pumping fists. Necksnapping riffs all over the place.

6) The only let down of the entire Netherbird set was a pair of baggy camo combats. When the rest of the band don makeup and black metal stage outfits, and one hapless bassist is left in oversized military legwear and a Marduk t-shirt the effect is lost somewhat. Get down Camden market and buy yourself something leather, mate.


If you want to see some photos that Von took at this gig, head on over to his Tumblr. Sadly, there are no shots of that guy wearing the tie in Beyond The Pain.


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