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October 7th, 2011

Live: Tropics, Palehorse + Trieste @ London Highbury Buffalo Bar – 27 July 2011

Palehorse promo photo Thrash Hits

This isn’t so much of a review of a gig that happened 10 weeks as much as it is us imploring you to go and see those three great London bands that we sacrificed another small amount of hearing for on that cool summer evening. They’re all playing more gigs soon and that is cool.

Trieste // Facebook
It’s their first ever gig tonight but they ain’t no young turks – they’ve all been around the block. Their members can count Alabaster Suns, Capricorns, Done Lying Down and K-Line amongst their former bands. They’re well travelled but are they named after the Italian city? Their music is doom-laden and only with occasional vocals but are they a feminine misspelling of the Dutch for sadness? Who can say, but their low-slung, dirgy, monster grooves are pretty darned well-held together for a first gig. We knew they’re definitely worth a second look.
14 October @ The Gopher Hole @ Cafe El Paso, Old Street // tickets

Take it Back by Trieste

Palehorse // Facebook // Tumblr
There is no end to this band’s off-kilter madness. Because we loved their album earlier this year, they agreed to play a gig for us and the whole band played on the floor. There was a stage but they just didn’t fancy using it. Two bassists. They’re better than Senokot. It’s a truly unique sound that can take some getting used to if your tastes are generally quite conventional but a little bit of experimentation never hurt anyone. Right? Right.
15 October @ The Constitution, Camden
12 November @ Buffalo Bar w/ Bastions + End Reign

Soft as Butter; Hard as Ice by Palehorse

Tropics // Facebook // Tumblr
This is another band cobbled together from former members of Meet Me In St Louis, Bullet Union, Ursa and current member of Narrows. There’s pedigree in these bands! Tropics play some furious, tumultuous hardcore. It sounds like all your favourite underground bands shoved into one. There’s more than enough fast-paced but intricate melody to get you dancing but they’re an angry bunch as well. Who knows why? They don’t play all the time so check ’em out.
25 November @ Camp Basement, Old Street w/ Pettybone // tickets



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