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October 31st, 2011

Top 6: Steel Panther’s Michael Starr on sexy Halloween outfits

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It’s Halloween and the new Steel Panther album, Balls Out is in shops today so we phoned Los Angeles and asked for vocalist, Michael Starr. Obviously we just discussed the things girls look good dressed up as on Halloween…

1) The best one is just body paint, where you don’t even get dressed up – you just get painted. That is the best Halloween costume. You can paint a girl as a car, but she’s still naked. Think about it, man. What’s the favourite thing a guy has? It’s a car and it’s money.

2) The nurse is awesome. A nurse can always take care of you, whether you’re sick or you’re feeling good or you get bit below the belt. You gotta remember: It Won’t Suck Itself. [That’s a song off Balls Out – Ed]

3) The Playboy Bunny is pretty bitchin’. We played a couple of shows in the Playboy Mansion. The Hef’s cool. We got a couple of pictures with him. He’s a bit fragile now but he’s a really nice guy. He’s very cordial and nice.

4) What would be really cool is the Asian Hooker costume. That’s a really good one and I’ve seen a lot of them. The really cool thing about the Asian hooker costume is that you don’t have to be Asian. You’d just need a lot of eyeliner.

5) Minnie Mouse. That’s pretty sexy. It’s like a little childhood fantasy. How about body paint as Minnie Mouse? That would be fucking sweet. No clothes at all. Just paint.

6) I don’t think seeing a bunch of girls dressed up as a sexy Steel Panther would turn me on. I think Lexxi would like it. He’d probably like to have sex with a girl dressed up as Lexxi. I would actually like a sexy lumberjack. With the beard. That way you get to shave it off.



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