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October 24th, 2011

Vintage Video: Akercocke – ‘Leviathan’

Jason Mendonca Akercocke Thrash Hits

With Earache Records re-releasing two of Akercocke’s best albums, Chronozon and Words That Go Unspoken, Deeds That Go Undone, as a 2CD boxset today, we thought we’d revisit this often under-appreciated band and stick up the only promo video the band released for either of these records. Be warned – it’s a little bit NSFW. Then again, Akercocke are most definitely a NSFW kinda band, so what were you expecting?

Akercocke 2011 Re-Release Thrash Hits

We’re not quite sure why four besuited Satanic metallers would hang out in what looks like a surprisingly-clean underground car park to watch a woman give a lap-dance to a large wooden chair, but we’re sure Akercocke had their reasons. Fans of band-hair chronology will be pleased to note that this video dates from a time long before the band’s frontman, Jason Mendonça, grew the enormous moustache he sports in that promo picture up above, and from even longer before the time he shaved it all off and started looking all respectable.

It’s a shame that Akercocke appear to be only a semi-active concern these days – as these videos from April and May of this year show, when they do venture out for a live show they’ve still got teach plenty of up-and-coming bands something about making music that sounds positively evil. Now that Earache have made it possible get hold of two of their best albums and still have change from  a tenner, maybe they’ll be in the mood to do some more UK live shows? We’d even be up for sacrificing a goat or two if it would help improve the odds.



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