Thrash Hits

October 7th, 2011

Who says you can’t mix politics with death metal? Nobody? OK!

Black Metal Greetings Cards Thrash Hits

You’ve got to wonder what was going through Polish politician, Jedrzej Wijas’s mind when he decided to make a party political broadcast via the medium of death metal.

“It’ll be… interesting… right? Everyone loves this stuff, don’t they? It’s ruddy perfect for my message anyway.”

Yes, mate. The Democratic Left Alliance (SLD) candidate went and did this:

Here is what he’s saying:

End of stiff talks // End of stupid wars
Secular contrary // Appropriate life // Appropriate life
Freedom // Freedom
That’s my aim // Vote smart
Jedrzej Wijas to join Parliment // Fair order // Fair man

OK. And yes, that’s a black metaller in the picture. It’s from a Christmas card as well.



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