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October 31st, 2011

Who *WOULDN’T* want to see Glenn Danzig’s head photoshopped onto other people’s bodies?

Forrest Gump Danzig LA Weekly Thrash Hits

We make no secret of our absurb love for Glenn Danzig here at Thrash Hits, but we’re definitely not the only ones. In anticipation of Danzig’s Halloween show in Los Angles, LA Weekly has been running an entire week of Danzig-related content over on their site under the moniker of “Danzig-palooza“. And yes, it was their blog where they ludicrously photoshop Danzig’s head onto the bodies of famous movie characters that caught our attention.

In addition to the Forrest Gump image above, LA Weekly have Danzigified Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory, Back To The Future, Home Alone, and Ghostbusters. And just why have they done this? Well, it’s all because of a run-in Danzig had with a stalker on Halloween, back in 2005. The details of the incident were revealed earlier this week by Danzig’s bodyguard, Russ MacKay, who told LA Weekley:

“Glenn called me and told me there was some weirdo trying to smash into his gate. We were all freaked out”

So far this is merely a worrying tale of fan-obsession, and not at all seeming like it could be the source of some merry internet photoshop-mockery. It’s then that MacKay describes chasing after the crazed fan, and although he was unable to apprehend the would-be gate-smasher, he was able to grab the stalker’s backpack, inside which he found a whole stack of hardcore porn mags. It’s now that MacKay’s story starts to get really creepy:

“A lot of the faces were cut out, and Danzig’s face was replacing many of the heads. Both the males and females!”

The bag also contained dirty, soiled clothes, and a diary with KILL DANZIG written in it under October 31. Woah. We were going to make a joke about Danzig thinking himself important enough to warrant a bodyguard in the first place, but if nutjobs are coming to his house, kicking his gate down and trying to kill him, we guess he’s pretty much justified. Apparently Danzig refuses to discuss this incident with anyone anymore, and we can see why. It’s enough to make you scream.

Danzig Home Alone LA Weekly Thrash Hits

(Sorry, Glenn)